Here’s a chart by Antal, highlighting a few of his favourite February jams!⁣


Bufiman kicks off the year with a fresh albumsi, we've asked him to pick 10 of his favourite recent records!


Records that electrified us in week 03!


Everybody loves Rush Hour hiphop specialist and allround nice guy @xzk1mo, who had a special year on a personal level becoming a proud daddy and kicking things off with the @tamafuritribe collective. These are some of the records that made his year


Margie has been a major force at Rush Hour for as long as we can remember. 2019 was the year she took her DJ career to another level. These are some of the records that defined the year for he


2019 Was a year filled with highlights for Rush Hour founder Antal. These are some of the Rush Hour-related releases that made his year such a special one.


‘Alles kan’ is the great @sekan’s motto, a philosophy that loosely translates as ‘anything goes’, which is clearly reflected in the @jiwajiwarecords founder’s 2019 top ten for Rush Hour.


2019 was another great year for Rush Hour golden boy @jasperwolff of @indigoaera and AEX fame, solidifying his position as one of the leading lights of the Dutch techno scene. Here are some of his movers and groovers of the past year


Good luck finding someone more knowledgeable than our secret weapon @satoshi.okonkole when it comes to oddball electronics in all assorted flavours. Here’s what he has to say about 2019


Rush Hour multitalent Reinier’s remarkable musical versatility is probably best illustrated by his sets as @alternativealignment, playing grim industrial techno and crooked bass at breakneck speed one moment only to throw in some catchy R&B hook when you least expected it. These are some of the records that did it for him in 2019, in no particular order.

Boy Quinten

Lord knows where we’d be without our store manager, the great @boyquinten, who has been running a tight snip at Rush Hour for years now. Boy is also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. These are some of the records that defined his year:


2019 was a big year for yung @jelmerjelmerjelmer, setting a wide array of good things in motion at Rush Hour, releasing some of his most accomplished music to date and making his big stage debut as Relmer International. Here are some of the things that moved him in 2019.


Heavyweight allround music veteran @rogieroostlander joined forces with Rush Hour in 2015, working as a buyer, seller, writer, instigator and occasional doorman. His 2019 Rush Hour top ten displays the harsher side of his persona. ?@tan_clan


By day @dirqiedirq is one of the major behind-the-scene forces running the Rush Hour operation. At night you can catch him engineering high impact electro missiles at his secret lab. That is if you’re extremely lucky. He’s also really good with kids.


African, zouk, tropical and audio specialist @bonnefooi_ is a relentless fanatic when it comes to discovering both new and vintage exotic music. Here’s what 2019 had in store for him


Dividing his time between the cities of Antwerp and Amsterdam, recent Rush Hour asset @lillawaw combines a deep love for music with a constant party-readiness. Here are some of his highlights of 2019