Catalog #WAP 448 / 1A4501
ReleaseW 47 - 2020
FormatVinyl - UKEP
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  1. Be Like Water
  2. Rakatak
  3. J Is For
  4. LFO Special
  5. One Way Mirror
  6. In My Heart


MP Productions - EP 1 sees Pritchard dip into a slew of alias’ that have kept him busy over the years. This new club 12” nods to his mesmerising formulas for making dance music, carrying the listener through a collection of styles informed by grime, dancehall, electro and techno.
“Be Like Water” is a devilish 8-bar grime instrumental. Harking back to an early ‘00s grime sound, Pritchard manipulates loops of flutes and pentatonic scales to find an energy which is exciting, addictive and perfect for the club. 
MP Productions - EP 1 is a consolidation of the eclectic style Pritchard has explored throughout his career; from his club music to albums like ‘Under The Sun' [2016] (featuring artists like Thom Yorke and Linda Perhacs) and 'The Four Worlds' [2018] to the Global Communication project with Tom Middleton (which was recently re-released via their Evolution label). Pritchard is currently working on the follow up to his Under The Sun album.


Rush Hour Store Record of the week W47:

With a career dating back over three decades Mark Pritchard (Global Communication, Jedi Knights) has always been one of the most powerful producers in British electronic music when it comes to sound architecture and sonic innovation. His sensational first EP as MP Productions proves he’s still miles ahead of the pack some thirty years after he started.

Opener ’Be Like Water’ is based around a mesmerising harmonic synth loop, a heavy UK snake bass and a plethora of lush oriental strings and flutes and mainly serves to open your senses to the relentless sonic attack that is ’Rakatak’ - a 150 BPM breakneck batucada track that can turn a dancefloor into a Category 6 tribal frenzy. A track so riotous it almost tore the entire place down when it was played by Antal at the Lowlands Festival after a long eventful night last year.

Another obvious highlight here is ’LFO Special’, a rather bold experiment in advanced crowdfuckery that starts with the first 15 seconds of LFO’s classic 1990 self-titled debut single before it’s broken down into a midtempo dubsteppy dancehall riddim.

’One Way Mirror’ starts off as a harsh take on Dopplereffekt’s particular brand of scientific Detroit electro before the hoover kicks in, augmented by some of the hardest beats west of The Hague. Halfway the whole thing evaporates into a brilliantly ironic neon advertising nightmare that flows into the hectic hyper-IDM of ’In My Heart’ - the perfect conclusion to this exceptionally versatile EP that needs to be heard to be believed (RO).

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