Catalog #RHD-037CS5
ReleaseW 20 - 2020
FormatVinyl - EUDO12''
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  1. House Me
  2. House Me Accapella
  3. Music Music
  4. Work Delay
  5. I'm Busy
  6. In A Dream
  7. 612 madness
  8. Ossilator Acapella


Durable double-pack that dances down the line between the old style Chi-town House sound and slamming Jakbeat. Recorded in Chicago, 2019. Ltd Edition & downright crucial.
Artwork By Cosmo Knex

"I met Jordan Zawideh while working at a Chicago record store in 2002 called Weekend Records and Soap. The shop was owned by Jim Marlon Magas/Bridgette Wilson and was one of the only places at the time where you could find a mix of weird ass electro, noise, and mutant techno coupled with Midwestern freak vibes. He lived above the shop and would come down daily to listen to records and chat about music. We have played countless shows together over the years and I've prob seen him DJ at least 100 times. Chicago native hailing from Detroit, Jordan's music combines elements of both these cities rich electronic history, but with his own perverse twist. Doolally drum workouts, soupy samples, arachnid analog bites, all pieced together with DIY warehouse charm."

Beau Wanzer
Chicago, 2020

Rush Hour Store Record of The Week

Less than a minute into the first track of 'Ce Es Music', Jordan Zawideh slams a relentless loop of a chopped lo-fi vocal sample: a jacking "House Me!". That sample will linger, distorted and reassembled, throughout this double-pack, freshly released on the consistently unpredictable No 'Label'. Zawideh channels the raw and ardent machine rhythms of classic early Chicago house era. Interspersed literal and hypnotically repetitive short vocal loops recall the Muzique crew's edgier iterations of this classic sound. It's a relatively straightforward idea, but one that's meticulously executed with such an individual touch to shape classic tropes into refreshing and unorthodox sonic forms.

Jordan Zawideh's music reflects, in a way, his personal migration from native Detroit to the birthplace and spiritual Mecca of house music, Chicago. Witnessing the warehouse party scene in Detroit from the early to the late Nineties, Zawideh relocated to Chi-town in his 20s: a stalwart presence as a DJ and producer for almost two decades, you could have also found him behind the counter of Kstarke Records (the city's legendary record shop and label). It should come as little surprise that his sonic output is deeply rooted into the rich music heritage of both these cities. His previous material released on Kstarke, Nation and Detroit's Interdimensional Transmissions shares an appreciation and genuine love for the raw power of the cassette era of Chicago house. Twisted acid, slamming Jakbeat and an encompassing DIY warehouse vibe, make this sound highly compatible with output from fellow artists such as Traxx, JTC, Deecoy, Hieroglyphic Being and Beau Wanzer.

Most of the tracks on 'Ce Es Music' are dancefloor demolishers: from the acid-leaning, percussive 'Work Delay' and 'I'm Busy', to 'House Me', 'Music Music', 'In A Dream', where chopped vocal loops establish busy rhythmic patterns, repeating sound is bruised into new forms, or is sliced up into further percussion. The DJ tools that are included stand alone too. 'House Me Accapella' & 'Oscillator Accapella' are radical lo-fi reassemblies of voice and drum samples - at times expanded or contracted past breaking point that find new and danceable senses in the phonemes.

It might sound trite when describing a record that falls into the 'dance music' category, but these are tunes that will quicken your pulse and stir your body into a cathartic dance. Dancing like nobody's watching. Whether in a club or, more likely given the time of it's release...your own living room.

Jordan Zawideh's latest release proves that you can push musical boundaries while staying true to the roots of an established music tradition. A testament to the continued vitality of the Chicago house sound, it reveals its endless potential. As D. Morris puts it in Frieze mag, "the experience of something constantly reconfigured from within its own constraints is what makes such scenes so vital and exciting."

CE ES Music was recorded in Chicago, 2019. Ltd Edition Double Pack. Artwork By Cosmo Knex
( Ivana H.)

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