Catalog #LIES162
ReleaseW 08 - 2021
FormatVinyl - USLP
 € 18,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Fever
  2. Doodat
  3. Lighten Up
  4. King Kong
  5. Street Level
  6. Mr. Goods
  7. Silver Rush


LA's Benedek delivers a killer old school house lp influenced by 78th Street era Beltram, latin freestyle dubs and WBMX drum tracks. This is street beat at it's finest and Benedek executes with precision. Classy and catchy, with a knack for melody yet still grimey as hell and full of beats you can mix. Primetime "86 mix show material brought to life in the present tense, carrying on with tradition while flipping it upside down. Artwork by Maximum Exposure. Highly recommended!


Rush Hour Store Record of the week W08:

It’s been buzzing around Rush Hour’s headquarters for a bit, but now it’s finally in: the new album by L.A. producer Nicky Benedek for New York bad boy corporation L.I.E.S..

Benedek, who’s been releasing records on P.P.U., Leaving and Superior Elevation over the last eight years, has a gift for taking all sorts of mostly eighties-inspired musical elements and turning them into something new - a meticulously produced hybrid of memories that never were.

Opener ‘Fever’ is a prime example of that sound: primitive Chicago house percussion that screams ‘1986’, dito NY freestyle ramblings and a creeping little distorted acid line are thrown into the equation until the perfectly timed neon-lit synth sweeps demand your full attention. You’ve heard it all before - but not quite like this.

‘Doodat’ is classic eighties New York electro with a nod to same era Detroit techno. ‘Lighten Up’ is exactly the other way around. Firmly based on early Transmat, the track is gradually taken over by NY freestyle including cut ‘n’ paste vocal samples and matching scratches. It’s all distinctively retro, but it could only have been made in hindsight. ‘Mr. Goods’ is an incredibly well produced album that’s filled to the brim with great ideas, but most importantly, it’s all great fun. (RO)



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