Catalog #BWOOD 287LP
ReleaseW 47 - 2022
FormatVinyl - UK2LP
 € 27,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Galactic Fanfare
  2. City Sounds
  3. Turn Me Around
  4. When You Call Me
  5. Why Must You Fly (feat Omar)
  6. To Be As One (feat Theo Croker)
  7. (Bring On The) Bad Weather (feat Anushka)
  8. Reflections (Chaser 1)
  9. Night Flight 05:25
  10. Soothsayer" (feat Theo Croker)
  11. Reflections (Chaser 2)
  12. Lazy Days (feat Emma-Jean Thackray)
  13. Find Your Heaven (feat Valerie Etienne)
  14. Virgil (vocal version)
  15. Something Anything


A collection of songs, melodies, grooves and sounds that sit perfectly in the brand new music world it’s part of. Gilles and Bluey are both men who emerged into the Brit funk world. They were both part of this truly thrilling chapter in the story of homegrown music; which manifests itself here in a sumptuous mixture of twanging basslines, spacey synth melodies, clicking beats and wispy, ethereal voices.

And for this new set, they’ve got a few like-minded souls along to join the party. Multi-talented Neo-soul Godfather Omar, and celebrated vocalist, Valerie Etienne, both represent Brit funk’s first bounce. Also welcomed in to the fold is musical polymath, Emma-Jean Thackray, Brighton duo Anushka and Floridian trumpeter/vocalist Theo Croker. ‘STR4TASFEAR’ is Gilles and Bluey’s wide-open window into a timeless, wonderful world of Brit funk (Words by Mark Webster, 2022).

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