Catalog #JBH 056LP
ReleaseW 31 - 2015
FormatVinyl - UK2LP
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  1. Breaking The Code/Zeon/Flight Of The Starliner/Survivors/Night Of Fear/Pod/Old & Grey
  2. Old & Grey/Ole & Grey/Gathering Of Supplies/Trek To Bolos/Giant Metal Monsters/Reeboss Subground Station/Alien Spacecraft (cont/reprise)
  3. Starflight/Immortal Commander/Live Forever?/So Tired/Starcrash/Fowgal/Preparations For War/Mission Through The Fog
  4. Stranded/War Is Heroes/Vaporised/Tankcraft Control Room/Lost In The Fog/Full Speed/Cell Plant Attack/Destruction/Victory March/Newsflash/Beginning Of The End


A home made 86 minute epic space adventure, conceived, written, played, sung and illustrated by an amateur musicians in his bedroom in Hull. It took six years to complete, and has not been released before. 500 COPIES ONLY.A long time ago, in Hull, Alan Jefferson heard War Of The Worlds, and thought he could make something similar, maybe better. This was in 1979. So, he set about it, with limited and slightly equipment – a moog, a reel to reel, a guitar and some pedals. Six years later, in 1985, Galactic Nightmare was finished, and made available to readers of Future Music and CU Amiga computer magazine. Via Alan’s advert, you could buy a 90 minute Chrome cassette of the album, complete with poster and storyfile for £7.99 plus £1 p+p. Very few people bought it, but one of the writers for Future Music, Dave Robinson, was sent a preview copy and liked it. He started playing it to a few people. One of those was a guy called Dave Green, who eventually (in the 1990s) played it to Stewart Lee. All of them found Galactic Nightmare an addictive, unforgettable musical experience. Fast forward to 2014, and Stewart Lee sent Jonny Trunk a small snippet of the Galactic Nightmare album. Stewart asked Jonny if he’d ever heard it. Jonny said no. A few months later Jonny bumped into Stewart Lee and they had a cup of coffee. Jonny asked him about the unusual space music he’d sent over all that time ago. He remembered it instantly, and said he would supply Jonny with more information. He did. He found an old advert and sent it over. To start with Jonny could not find any more information out about the album or Alan Jefferson, the creative man behind the whole thing. So, he wrote to the address on the 1986 advert, and two days later Alan got in touch. This 2 LP Galactic Nightmare release is the result. Alan wrote the story, narrates the story, wrote and played the music, sings the songs, made all the artwork, the poster, the storyfile etc, fighting sometimes against faulty instruments and a dodgy tape machine. Galactic Nightmare is a totally unique recording, joyous in its attempt to create something absolutely epic with very few resources. Charming in it’s attention to detail and almost folk–like naivety, Galactic Nightmare is a great example of an amateur being inspired to make something, getting on with it, sticking with it and ultimately creating an album that few people will forget once they have heard it. PACKAGING: Original Galactic Nightmare poster across a gatefold matte varnished sleeve. Original Galactic Nightmare graphics, plans, musical notation, early sketches, adverts etc inside the gatefold. Notes by Alan Jefferson, Jonny Trunk, Stewart Lee, Dave Green. Complete storyfile with original illustrations across all four sides of the printed inner sleeves.

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