Catalog #DKMNTL 021
ReleaseW 50 - 2014
FormatVinyl - EU2LP
EAN Barcode8718754950589
 € 17,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Clean-Cut
  2. Schmofield
  3. Whippersnapper
  4. Swamp Things
  5. Deadwood City
  6. Maharaja Mark
  7. Wheeze Please
  8. Anywhere
  9. Eventide


Hot and 'clean' new album from JJ&J...TIP!Two years after the artistic statement that was their expansive third LP, famed live act and hardware lovers Juju & Jordash are releasing another full-length on Dekmantel. Clean-cut, a nine-track affair, comes lovingly pressed to vinyl in autumn 2014. The duo fully embrace the album format, creating a tight tapestry of emotive and danceable sound that reveals more detail and depth with each new listen. Textures range from organic and lush to synthetic and arresting. Deep-space serenity gets juxtaposed with more urgent and alien paranoia. "Clean-cut is tighter, more honest and there’s less hiding behind a hazy screen of FX," say the pair. The new release marks a clear evolution in the career of these singular artists. Clearly, Clean-cut is another feather in the already resplendent bow of Juju & Jordash. Juju & Jordash have a longstanding and tight relationship with the Amsterdam based record label and event powerhouse Dekmantel. Juju & Jordash are a staple on Dekmantel clubnights and festivals. This is their third full-length on Dekmantel, a further consolidation of their 5 year bond. Dekmantel won the minds and hearts of electronic music enthousiasts throughout the world with their record label and club nights over the past 7 years. Dekmantel Festival –which saw its first edition in 2013– has seen unanimously glowing reviews for two years in a row now, further affirming the path Dekmantel chose to be the right one.

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