Catalog #RHM 002
ReleaseW 19 - 2013
FormatVinyl - EU12''
 € 7,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. The Calling
  2. Rays of Babylon


New Xosar 12" featuring "The Calling" b/w "Rays Of Babylon", big tip!As 2013 rumbles on, Xosar is set to return with her third EP for Rush Hour, a sparkling two-tracker cloaked in her usual thick-set rhythms, heady vocal hooks and far-sighted synthesizers. In typical fashion, both “Rays of Babylon” and “The Calling” are blessed with a sense of playfulness and the emotion-rich, rush-inducing electronics that are fast becoming her calling card. “I’m inspired by musicians who can capture a feeling they experience in a particular moment, and let that emotion play itself out in the form of a melody, beat or masterful harmonious composition,” she says. Both tracks started life as mainstays of Xosar’s acclaimed live sets, which are notably performed using various bits of hardware. “I originally created these tracks while I was living in sunny L.A,” she says. “I think the tracks are an accurate reflection of the fun, upbeat vibes I was immersed in while living there. When recording them, I hoped to transfer some of that happy, carefree desert dance energy onto the crowd.” Although the tracks were later recreated on a computer (due, in part, to the producers fear of losing her Electribe SX sampler, which contained all the “skeletal patterns”), both “The Calling” and “Rays Of Babylon” are similar to the live version, and include elements created using an array of vintage synthesizers and drum machines. Arguably, the finished tracks – kaleidoscopic blasts of synthesized energy, hovering somewhere between classic techno futurism and addictive analogue house – are the most obviously thrilling club tracks she’s done, and certainly the most ‘positive’. As with previous Xosar releases on Rush Hour, the 12” version of “The Calling”/”Rays of Babylon” will feature her own bespoke sleeve artwork!

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