Catalog #RHM 005
ReleaseW 31 - 2013
FormatVinyl - EU12''
 € 7,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Hummingbird
  2. Slowwave
  3. CRVD
  4. Hummingbird (Xamiga Remix)


BNJMN pops up with another splendid and relevant EP.. featuring a remix from Legowelt/Xosar combo, Xamiga. TIP!Artistic inspiration can come in many forms. On his latest 12� for Rush Hour � his third for the label since 2012 � BNJMN was inspired by one of the wonders of nature, namely the curious combination of speed and grace that is the humble hummingbird. �I was really interested in how hummingbirds have much faster wing speeds to other birds, so they can hover and fly slowly,� he explains. �This seemed to tie in with some ideas I�d been playing around with, to create tracks that are fast and accelerated, but could also sound slow.� �Hummingbird�, the title track of an impressive four-track EP that�s noticeably cleaner, crisper and sharper than his most recent outing for Rush Hour, 2012�s Unknown 2, captures this idea perfectly. Propelled forwards by a lone, 140 BPM kick drum, its waves of crystalline synthesizers and picturesque melodies seem to gracefully hover above the stripped-back rhythm. It�s intoxicating, exciting and calming in equal measure, whilst retaining BNJMN�s usual dancefloor punch. �At a club recently someone came up to me after I�d played �Hummingbird� and said he didn�t realise how fast he was dancing till afterwards,� BNJMN says. �I was really pleased with that, because I�m fascinated with how the energy and tempo of a track can feel different depending on the environment you�re in, and how you�re feeling.� He took the same approach with the EP�s other original tracks. �Slow Wave�, with its relentless sequenced arpeggio, tumbling melodies and sludgy groove, performs the same trick of the ear, thanks in no small part to clever combinations of fast and slow elements. The melancholic �CRVD�, with its mournful chords and darting, techno-influenced grooves, is similarly schizophrenic. The EP concludes with its most straightforward dancefloor moment, an inspired remix from Xamiga (AKA Xosar and Legowelt). Decidedly cosmic � like layered, melody-driven analogue techno beamed down from a distant galaxy � it delivers a deeper, hazier alternative to BNJMN�s pin-sharp original.

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