CD Version
Catalog #ANNCD 003
ReleaseW 17 - 2004
FormatCD - EUCD
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  1. Classvlassie
  2. Hairspray* (CD Bonus Track)
  3. Super-Fanny-Tastic-Elastic
  4. Spin The Empty
  5. Donut Puncher
  6. Willy's Wonka Kite Finger
  7. Prime Cock Via Megathong
  8. Daisy, She's A Cowman..Man..
  9. Tights Wine
  10. Anal Chewinggum
  11. Rims Pill
  12. Mother's Pride
  13. Pimp Soul Blisters* (CD Bonus Track)
  14. Slush Puppy


The Ann Aimee missions carry on. Unfortunately Ann Aimee hasnt yet found the mothership, but to our luck, she is helped by a wide set of extremely talented volunteers. Next to the works of Alex Cortex and CiM, we already saw Lucky & Easy in action with their Pimp Soul Blisters-mission. More efforts for Ann Aimee were needed, as they now come with this beautiful full album Talent Hoover! Missions on earth are carried out as Pub (Ampoule, Vertical Form), in space theyre known as Lucky & Easy. A classic, is a first word which comes to mind playing the album. The music grabs you, and takes you away from all daily things, which just distracted you again. Once youve returned after an hour, theres not much else to think then directly wanting to get on board again. Lucky & Easy bring very warm electronica, intruiging rythms and sometimes it seems like one song sounds as three in one. Lucky & Easy sound like songs, The Black Dog once used to make, as well like the sounds of Boards of Canada, and it even reminds to The Orb, with its psychedelic excursions. Their own Ampoule label kicked off with their sought after EP, later on Lucky & Easy released music as Pub on the Scottish Ampoule label as well on UKs Vertical Form, being remixed by Arovane and others. The Pub album Do You Ever Regret Pantomime? from 2001 became an electronica classic.

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