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Catalog #INERTIA -CD1
ReleaseW 05 - 2012
FormatCD - EUCD
EAN Barcode8717127018536
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  1. Sascha Rydell - Rainy Days
  2. Sawlin - Excipidial
  3. Ozka - Square Beauty
  4. Cosmin TRG - Plaisir Interdit
  5. Skudge - Pollution
  6. Marcelus - 24-7
  7. Peter van Hoesen - Last One At 1080
  8. Conforce - When It Appeared
  9. Lucy - Wytonia
  10. Sigha - Finding Myself
  11. Redshape - Static
  12. Area Forty_One - C.N.T.C.T.
  13. Roman Lindau - Borne
  14. Mike Dehnert - Pneumatic
  15. Milton Bradley - Sequence #1
  16. Delta Funktionen - Torpor


Mixed CD of tracks from the Inertia techno series.... quite a line up of exclusives from: Skudge, Redshape, Cosmin TRG, Mike Dehnert, Conforce & Delta Funktion to name a few.. comes with a free download code, giving you all the individual tracks as 320 MP3...The cessation of motion is due to the opposing force ... If there is no opposing force ... The motion will never stop. - Artwork by Boris Tellegen (aka Delta) After more than 15 releases, Delsin sub label Ann Aimee is to release its first compilation, Inertia // Resisting Routine in January 2012. Of course, rather than looking backwards, the Dutch label run by Marsel Delsin has instead complied and commissioned – together with close Delta Funktionen - sixteen brand new and exclusive. They come from a new generation of label associates from the past half decade, with all of them therefore sharing certain ideals when it comes to brooding, darkened techno, as is Ann Aimee’s mission. Operating in the murky under-waters of the contemporary techno scene, each producer enlisted serves up their own idiosyncratic vision: some are acid tinged, some swing like a monkey and some lean on dub or house aesthetics for inspiration, but every single one will likely hypnotise dancefloors just as any good techno track should. So then, bold drums, analogue aesthetics and meaty grooves are all present and correct throughout. Taking in names like Delta Funktionen, Fachwerk trio Mike Dehnert, Roman Lindau and Sacha Rydell, 50Weapons and Hessle man Cosmin TRG, Time To Express chief Peter Van Hoesen, Conforce and techno innovator Redshape alongside new school heavyweights like Skudge, Lucy, Milton Bradley and Marcelus as well as newcomers Area Forty_One, Lucy, Ozka and Sawlin, the Inertia // Resisting Routine tracklist reads like a who’s who of modern underground techno. Naturally, then, what it sounds like is the most definitive techno compilation for years. Released as 4x4 separate vinyl EPs, this is the separate CD version mixed by Delta Funktionen. The mix draws on all the great source material provided by the artists above and weaves it together into something that speaks for itself; something which perfectly encapsulates the aims and aesthetics of Ann Aimee in Delta’s typically deft way.

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