CD Version
Catalog #RH 114 CD
ReleaseW 13 - 2011
FormatCD - EUCD
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  1. Life Of Plants & Flowers
  2. Being With You
  3. Space Balloon
  4. What You Do (feat. Tyree Cooper)
  5. Rootstopia
  6. Suckers for Fools (feat. Olivier Daysoul)
  7. Watch Me (feat. Meikbar)
  8. Gave Me The Love
  9. Soon In A Cinema
  10. So Cold (feat. Om'mas Keith)
  11. Steppin' Out (feat. Romanthony)
  12. Scent Of Heaven
  13. Joys of Choice
  14. We Like Noam
  15. Corrupt (feat. San Proper)


Tom Trago's second album! Lots of guests including Om'mas Keith of Sa-Ra, Tyree Cooper, Oliver Daysoul, Romanthony and San Proper. TIP!After releasing his double EP 'Voyage Direct', early 2009, Tom has spent the last two years finding his signature sound. The outcome of this search has resulted in 'Iris'. Where 'Voyage Direct' was his homage to disco, 'Iris' deals with all of Tom's musical inspirations. Shaping these inspirations into a new sound and creating an exciting mix is where Tom really succeeds. 'Iris' can be best described as a futuristic soul album. It's an album that takes the listener on a voyage into the future of dance music. A future where all genres and directions are fused together, from soul to techno, from hip hop to electro and from classical to disco. Over the past two years Tom has spent countless hours recording for 'Iris' in his studio, on the road and in Los Angeles, where he recorded 'So Cold', together with Om'mas Keith of Sa-Ra. Other vocalists featured are Tyree Cooper, Oliver Daysoul, Romanthony and San Proper. The selection of vocalists underlines the diversity of 'Iris'. You are cordially invited aboard Tom's musical spaceship, which will no doubt bring you towards the borders of your imagination.

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