CD Version
Catalog #EATCD 018
ReleaseW 35 - 2010
FormatCD - EUCD
EAN Barcode8717127020003
 € 12,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Words by Gaslamp Killer
  2. Lucky Shot
  3. Hoezo?
  4. Gestolen 21
  5. Breaking Bad
  6. Je Bent Zelf Raar!
  7. Leuk He!
  8. Snoeiharde Tekkno Met Stoere Biet
  9. Butsbuts
  10. 3 tot 1 Zonder Toaster
  11. Grijze Bloemen
  12. Dik
  13. Ge-gapt Dist
  14. Vinnik Zelf Lekker
  15. Deadwood
  16. Stolen Jazz
  17. Heal
  18. Andys Theme
  19. Ge-kaait Speedmetal
  20. Ge-vat Loop And Biet Niet
  21. Find the Cow..Almost
  22. Begin van t Eind


Into his 25th year as a DJ, Aardvarck comes with his second full length album for Eat Concrete Records. Much in the vein of his Bloom series, but in an album context, with songs and lush internoodley bits.... TIP!With 'Choice', Aardvarck has created one of his finest selections to date. The 22 tracks go in all directions Aardvarck is known for: from bass-heavy dub to lush soundscapes, broken beats and soul vocals. After a few introducing words by Gaslamp Killer, the beautiful 'Lucky Shot' features vocals by Alexandra. The following cinematic and hypnotising ambient-like pieces are sometimes reminiscent of Boards of Canada and the Aardvarck classic ‘Find the Cow’. From then onward we are treated with songs similar to some of the recent 'Bloom' releases, displaying a taste for heavy bass, beats and dub samples. Yet 'Choice' has more to offer than dj-food alone; the album flows like a mix and keeps a light and fresh vibe along the way with lots of sketches and interludes. Aardvarck also offers some definite classics with 'Heal' and 'Find the Cow Almost', featuring guest vocals on both tracks. Timeless.

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