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Catalog #EAT038
ReleaseW 23 - 2014
FormatVinyl - EULP
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  1. La Luna
  2. Prrrt
  3. Ton 1
  4. Bumhouse
  5. Kom terug Mike
  6. Cadeautjes


Knalpot are back with 'Yes Please', their long awaited follow-up album for Eat Concrete..!Years in the making these six tracks capture everything the band has become known for and far more; their latest release is an outburst of creative freedom and craftsmanship and a way to show how there are no musical boundaries. Knalpot mixes ultra-rock with dub, off-kilter beats with 80's synths and avantgarde jazz with 8-bit noise. 'Yes Please' is a sonic rollercoaster as well as class A designer drugs for your ears. It should be listened to as loud as possible or, in any case as many times as you can to fully appreciate the level of detail that went into production. The album also communicates the energy from the band's impressive live performances but offers a much wider range of atmospheres compared to their previous releases. All tracks are superbly written and executed, each song overflows with ideas from members Raphael Vanoli (guitar/bass/electronica ) and Gerri Jäger (drums, percussion, effects). Third comes producer and engineer Sandor Caron who has been a huge force behind the band's unique sound design, both live and on record. 'Yes Please' will be available on 4th June 2014 as digital and limited (180 grs) vinyl release including download coupon.

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