VIBE 3 EP2 by V/A

TitleVIBE 3 EP2
Catalog #FT 031
ReleaseW 45 - 2015
FormatVinyl - US12''
 € 8,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Beautiful Swimmers - Primo
  2. Edy Alta - First Sign Of Artifice
  3. Protect-U - Krums
  4. Jeremy Hyman - Machine Stops


Future Times is back in the mix, expanding the sound and vision of the label with the latest in their compilation series, Vibe 3!!!The compilation opens with the dynamic killer "Junk Funk" by DC newcomer OV, a pure cut that rotates between percussive slice and complete ambient stasis. Juju & Jordash come thru next with "Soggy Bottom" and get their hypnotic piano throb on, and Max D's "Octopus" follows with an improvised, kinetic bang. Grapes & Isle O' Man ft. The Wino Boys (an alias for MB and OD, who've put in work on RH's No Label) knock it out with a beautiful slab of whacked reggae in "Up The Dubs (It Can't Rain Forever)", and Further Records' Raica fades it out majestic with "Makmba." Disc 2 starts with a new track from Beautiful Swimmers, "Primo", a thick chunk of Industrial Pop, like some fractured version of "Was Dog A Doughnut" for the freaks. Jeremy Hyman, most recently heard from in collaboration with FT's Max D for the Lifted LP on PAN earlier this year, rides a luscious animated opening into a great slice of plastic techno with "Machine Stops". The B Side starts with Protect-U's insane "Krums", a whirlwind of liquid metal and cranked snares, and rides out with "First Sign Of Artifice," the first, amazing burst from newcomer Edy Alta. Disc 3 starts with Shanti Celeste and her monster cut "Strung Up", a savage tune for the deejays that mixes a bit of her native Bristol with classic electro. After that Dawit & Dolo (aka Dawit Eklund of the 1432 R crew and Dolo Percussion) collab on the massive, always-rising "Knowledge Body," turning a hurricane of snares into a moody, slow-build tower. Steve Summers lets us breathe for a moment on the last side of the comp with "Shimmer," a sick vignette and DJ tool. DSR.MR (a collaboration between Mood Hut's Cloudface and Max Ravitz aka M Rav/Patricia) shuffle into infinity after that with the blessed Rhodes techno shifter "Crystal Jungle," and C'est Life (aka Jack J) ends the compilation on a perfect note with the timeless "New Years Eve 2013."

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