TitleVD JAM #1
Catalog #VD 17
ReleaseW 31 - 2014
FormatVinyl - EU12''
 € 7,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. RZTB Tantra
  2. Lava Jam
  3. Van Dyke Island Jam


The label say: 'It�s rare to hear a debut 12� single that really blows you away. That�s hardly a controversial statement; in truth, most producers take time to find their feet, developing a distinct style over a period of years, rather than months.Magnesii, then, is something special. Currently based in Amsterdam. The previously unheard of producer has delivered a stunning debut 12� for Tom Trago�s Voyage Direct label. Raw, fuzzy and in turns melancholic, spellbinding and intense, its� three tracks bubble and hiss to the distinct sound of vintage analogue hardware. You see, the young Dutch producer tends to avoid modern computers. �I often feel like those screens suck my soul away,� he says. Instead, he jams out tunes on a tasteful selection of analogue gear, sequencing with either the Alesis MMT-8 or the Akai MPC2000 � a favourite toy of many of the Netherlands� best electronic producers � and adding basslines, beats, acid lines and melodies on obscure synths and drumcomputers�. His creations are then bounced down straight to 1/4" tape or cassette. Some of these resultant jams, as showcased on this impressive debut, are nothing less than inspired. Acid lines rise and fall, machine drums rattle, and distinctive synth lines weave in and out of the mix. These are raw tracks for the dancefloor blessed with all the colour and warmth associated with vintage hardware. �RZTB Tantra� sets the tone, layering bubbling acid lines and dreamy chords over a relentlessly nagging bassline and punchy, scattergun drum machine percussion. �Lava Jam� is decidedly deeper, with woozy, emotive melodies and alien electronics tumbling over a dusty rhythm pattern and tactile acid bass. Magnesii completes a sterling debut with �Van Dyke Island Jam�, whose squidgy bassline and long, drawn-out M1 chords work in complete harmony with the crispy rhythm track and densely building percussion hits. Like its� predecessor, it too seems to be tinged with sadness, as if Magnesii�s machines are shedding a tear for glories past. Clearly, Magnesii is a name to look out for in future. For the time being, we�ll have to make do with one of the most impressive debut 12� singles of 2014 to date.'

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