Catalog #BF 073
ReleaseW 41 - 2018
FormatVinyl - UK2LP
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  1. Weird Part Of The Night
  2. When You're Ugly (feat. Genevieve Artadi)
  3. Everytime
  4. Real Life (feat. Brad Mehldau)
  5. More Love Less Hate
  6. Tunnels In The Air (feat. Thundercat)
  7. Last Time You Went Away
  8. Freaky Times
  9. After The Load Is Blown
  10. A Little Bit More Time
  11. Trying Not To Die (feat. Dennis Hamm)
  12. Things


“Time” is Cole’s third album - a casual but addictive blend of quickfire, hook-laden electrofunk bullets and wistful, soft-focus balladryIn stock this Friday Those who preordered, do not have to do so again - we will contact you when we have stock! Proudly DIY to date, Louis has built up an ardent fanbase for his own solo output and that of Knower who zig zag across the globe on tour. However in 2009 he met Dennis Hamm - keys maestro in Thundercat’s live band - who introduced Louis to Thundercat and Flying Lotus. “Dennis bridged the gap… he was the link. In fact, Flying Lotus asked Dennis if I would want to release something on Brainfeeder before he even asked me.” Louis’s new album features his friend Thundercat (with whom he worked on “Drunk” co-writing ‘Bus In The Streets’ and ‘Jameel’s Space Ride’) who returns the favour, contributing lead vocals on ‘Tunnels In The Air’. Genevieve Artadi and acclaimed jazz pianist and experimental composer Brad Mehldau also pop up on ‘When You’re Ugly’ and ‘Real Life’ respectively. Furthermore, ‘Last Time You Went Away’ features a 23-piece string orchestra - the Rochester Stringz from Eastman School of Music.

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