Catalog #SSJ 08
ReleaseW 05 - 2020
FormatVinyl - EU2LP
 € 23,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Planty Herbs - Nothing Lasts
  2. Dominic J Marshall - Town
  3. GreyHeads - Before The Fight
  4. Djosa - Amazone
  5. Duke Hugh - Visions
  6. Legove - 2077
  7. Trian Kayhatu - Aart7 (ft. Jonny Tobin)
  8. Ranie Ribeiro - Nature Boy
  9. Son Swagga - Dragon King
  10. Liquid Spirits - Evolution Of The New Spirit
  11. Glenn Gadum - Lucid
  12. Reinier Baas & Ben van Gelder - Deo Volente
  13. Yannick Hiwat - Underdog


A snapshot of the rising Dutch jazz scene, the ‘Super-Sonic Family’ compilation captures a refreshed spirit of talented artists that are shaping the new musical directions within the Lowlands. This thirteen track collection connects these unique artists that express themselves beyond the borders of genres.

Historically Amsterdam has always been a culturally diverse city with jazz being an important part of its musical heritage for at least three quarters of a century. Over the last few years the Super-Sonic Jazz Festival (held at the Paradiso) and its imprint that organically grew from Kindred Spirits have become flagbearers of the more progressive and forward thinking side of the Dutch capital's jazz scene - a veritable free spirited melting pot of jazz boiling over into soul, funk, improv and electronic music binding together some of Amsterdam's most talented musicians.

Their first compilation offers a nice peak into what's happening right now in the Amsterdam scene and beyond, opening with a dusty, dubby slow jam with lazy keys and dito guitar echoing the triphop tradition in a totally contemporary way before launching into the sultry yet hard-hitting poetry sounds of Dominic J. Marshall. Greyheads pick up the tempo with a fusion-infused jazzdance stepper that's followed by an extra-organic broken beat exercition by Djosa and a string-led deephouse nu jazz joint by Duke Hugh. One of the highlights on this wonderfully diverse compilation is Legove's '2077', a fast experimental space fusion groover with heavy electronic undertones. 'Aart7' by Trian Kayhatu is the sort of modern broken beat track that refuses to settle down, before Ranie Ribeiro takes us to Amsterdam's best coffeeshop with the triphoppy 'Nature Boy'. A firm favorite here is the beautifully scored ten minute jazz symphony that is 'Dragon King' by Son Swagga - a mini masterpiece that perfectly exemplifies the current Amsterdam scene - a broad based and free spirited movement that has 'anything goes' written all over it (RO).

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