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Catalog #PAN67LP
ReleaseW 44 - 2015
FormatVinyl - UK2LP
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  1. You Stayed
  2. Victim
  3. 1 Guarda
  4. I've Said
  5. Vffected
  6. Sin-cere
  7. Safe
  8. Let Me In
  9. Too Careful To Care
  10. Tired Tears, Awake Fears
  11. Constraint
  12. Sleep Luxury


On ‘Safe’, Visionist distills his influences down to a sparse palette of manipulated folk, pop and R&B acapellas, icy synths, and metallic drum samplesHaving recently partnered with Bill Kouligas to relaunch his Lost Codes imprint as Codes, Visionist takes a defining step forward with the release of his PAN debut album, ‘Safe’. The South London artist born Louis Carnell broke during a period of experimentation in UK music when, with the disintegration of the dubstep scene, emerging producers began looking to juke and Chicago house for inspiration. A pair of EPs on Lit City Trax (and a collaboration with Fatima Al Qadiri) in 2013 and ‘14 introduced Visionist’s minimalist take on fractured R&B and liquid grime, establishing him as a leading voice in new-wave UK soundsystem culture. But while safe as a musical concept implies conformity, ‘Safe’ as an artistic statement is anything but. At a moment when the UK scene, once known for innovation, has settled into rehashing old tropes, Visionist continues to propel his sound into more experimental territory. The album traces the arc of an anxiety attack, from its onset through to recovery. Following the stately discord of brief opener “You Stayed,” the grimy, ballistic assault of “Victim” sends its targets diving into mirrored corners. “I’ve Said” is a brutal, almost militant advance, its sound cutting in and out as though transmitted via shortwave radio. “Too Careful To Care” trades in skittering paranoia, with the soporific “Sleep Luxury” closing out affairs.

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