Catalog #NAT 014
ReleaseW 16 - 2014
FormatVinyl - US7'
 € 9,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Obedient
  2. Your Move
  3. Your Move (Final)


Abstract darkness from San Fran based duo, Red Light. Cold and Dark heavyness... 250 only. TIP.The label say "Nation has returned.. A label designed to push the underground to a new level of electronic sound thrugh experimental styles of musical consciousness. In our recent releases the idea is to never go with the same formula twice... Jakbeat introduces a new concept of productions,music with a sense of novelty that can be accentuated in a certain setting a state of mind. In the 'record wax' industry in the start of a new year is concerned mostly everyone will drop their 1st release with a proper 12" record but we're going the alternative route.. Nation will be launching the label with a 7" to start off the year with brand new artists to the family from San Francisco from 2 ladies on a mission is to present the most emotional and artistic music that brings many moods and colors that equals timeless avant-garde paintings of sound. Red Light started as a pact between Kerri LeBon and Rachel Aiello in early 2013,though neither of them had any prior musical experience, they both were determined to dive head first into creating their first recordings...their music being generally angst and moody, the two girls sought to beautify their suffering through sound. The release will be their 1st productions from the prior year with 3 tracks altogether over the 7 inch. The A side presents an ever-descent dark and broody song called Obedient sung by Kerri Lebon programmed by Rachel Aiello as the arrangement is very expressive of what was envisioned for the track. The B side presents 2 different takes on the original demo called Your Move. The 1st track is the demo that presents raw metal clacking-scape tones of a field recording of harmonic poetry in an inner lust/sanctuary while the 2nd track is a new version with a finished feel to it that the original did not that we could reference to jakbeat with a unique thrust of cosmic synth tones riddling the space between lucid dreams and electronic rhythm of the future. "

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