Catalog #BWZ 789
ReleaseW 46 - 2023
FormatVinyl - USLP
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  1. Windbreaker
  2. Afternoon Sun
  3. Take Me There
  4. You Chasing Me
  5. The Way It Is
  6. I Saw You
  7. Honeysuckle
  8. Dream Interlude
  9. Goddess Woes
  10. Waves
  11. Freakyextendooooo
  12. Move It Like
  13. Where I Came From
  14. Worlds Away


Backwoodz Studioz announces Plus One, a new album from Brooklyn-based artist Lindsay Powell aka Fielded. While Fielded has put out several solo projects steeped in their trademark psychedelic R&B, she also has quietly built a reputation as a genre-bending vocalist and sought-after musical collaborator. Plus One turns that dynamic on its head, bringing together an indie music elite on Fielded’s guest list including Armand Hammer, Felicia Douglass, Kenny Segal, They Hate Change, DJ Haram, Wolf Weston, The Lasso, Child Actor and Steel Tipped Dove.

“I’ve offered myself in blips and breaths and moments, sighing under a powerful lyric, or punctuating another vocalist’s breakthrough performance,” Fielded says. “We wanted to see what could happen when I brought those same artists in to add flourishes to my visions and depth to my stories.”

Plus One is executive produced by billy woods, building on a creative partnership that goes back to the rapper’s 2019 album, Terror Management. Since then Fielded has engineered, produced and performed on a slew of Backwoodz Studioz releases, in addition to putting out two projects on the label- 2020’s Demisexual Lovelace and 2021’s Yung Medusa- in addition to their extensive...  more
released September 22, 2023

Mixed and Mastered by Willie Green at The Greenhouse Recording Co.
Assistant Engineer: Kayla Cariaga
Executive Produced by billy woods
Artwork and Design by Ashes57

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