Catalog #RHMC 004 LTD
ReleaseW 50 - 2019
FormatVinyl - EU2LP+7
 € 24,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Farrah Boulé - Mother of Mantras
  2. Warm - Blue Sunrise
  3. 2000Black - Plastic Jam
  4. Hanna - Spaceland
  5. Alex Attias & Sassy J present OJA - Jelly Bubble Rise
  6. Nu-Era - Mirror Images
  7. GB - The Projector
  8. Aardvarck - Aap Noot
  9. Mr Fingers - Survivor
  10. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Always
  11. Carlos Niño & Friends ft. Jamire Williams and Josh Johnson - Mushroooooomslive
  12. Ivan 'Mamão' Conti - Amazon Orison
  13. WaH-chU-kU - Phereo in the House


*Limited gatefold edition of 500 copies, including bonus 7" (Carlos Niño & Friends, Ivan 'Mamão’ Conti and WaH-ChU-KU)*

Rush Hour announces their second artist compilation Patchwork, curated by one of the label’s most loved family members, Sassy J. The Swiss DJ is the very embodiment of passion and long-standing dedication to the craft of the DJing, but also to the community surrounding the music that she lives and breathes. For the past fourteen years Sassy J has run the Patchwork night in her native Bern and in London, with guests ranging from Theo Parrish and Little Dragon to Floating Points and MF Doom invited to share their respective musical visions. Her collaborative approach stands out in a DJ world that is too often weighted in favour of promoting the individual. This compilation grows out that unique sensitivity, foregrounding a theory of curation that centres on long-term bonds, articulated through Sassy J’s personal relationships with the contributing artists.

Patchwork speaks to the grass roots values that Sassy J espouses, showcasing music by many of the artists that have joined her throughout the years in clubs, on the radio, and at home. It is an expression of Sassy J’s individual musical path that casts its gaze firmly in the future: Patchwork is made up almost entirely of new and unreleased songs that are exclusive to this collection. Patchwork captures a sound that has continued to evolve in its restless search for new musical directions. Across thirteen tracks we find forward thinking electronic music rubbing elbows with cosmic jazz and deep percussion workouts from Brazil and beyond.

There are irresistible calls to the dancefloor: 2000 Black’s UK boogie and the syncopated rhythms of WaH-chU-kU nod to the West London sound, whilst the early rave of Nu Era and Aardvarck’s sub-rattling techno channel the grittier edges of the club experience. We find machine music imbued with humanity in Larry Heard’s deep house classic “Survivor” and in Ron Trent’s WARM project, whose gentle breeze points to a different side of the legendary producer. Patchwork also opens a more immersive listening space in which the radical indie soul of Georgia Anne Muldrow, the ambient spiritual jazz of bandleader Carlos Niño & Friends, and the lament for the Amazon rainforest by Azymuth’s drummer Ivan Conti can channel the overall spirit of group interplay and solidarity. Patchwork also includes Sassy J’s collaboration with veteran producer Alex Attias, marking her own place in a universe that is held together by her singular thread.

"This is the compilation of the year!" - DJ Spinna

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