Catalog #MS 94
ReleaseW 12 - 2016
FormatVinyl - US12''
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  1. Paradox


*one sided release* the label say' One of a set of new 12"s from Derrick May's prestigious imprint - this one featuring a stomping and heavy techno track, based on hypnotic rhythms and somber patterns and that is guaranteed to move everyone on the dancefloor.' Featuring classic looking cover illustration from the myth that is Abdul Qadim Haqq.

Azimute is a new musical project combining the energies of Italian Cesare Marchese and Swiss Philippe Quenum. The Track �Paradox� was created by accident during a jam session and was one of the first songs of the duo. Cesare and Philippe were pursuing at that time their own projects �Cesare Vs Disorder� and �Quenum� and were already recognizable forces in the techno music scene. Philippe co-founded well-known Cadenza Records with Luciano and Cesare founded Serialism Records. During this time when Philippe often played sets with Derrick May, a close friendship developed
and Derrick soon started asking for music. Philippe decided to show him songs from his project Azimute, since they fit better into Derrick�s sets. Derrick soon fell in love with some of the songs
and the friendship and the exchange between them became stronger and stronger. Azimute quickly became part of the Transmat Family and the foundation for the Paradox EP was laid.

Paradox is a heavy orientated techno track, and feels more refined and dynamic than the wellknown and legendary Detroit techno tunes. Based on hypnotic rhythms and somber patterns, the
song slowly builds and finds its way, stamping and unstoppable. Paradox is definitely a track that with its massive energy stands out in a DJ set and moves everyone on the dancefloor. Cesare
himself fittingly calls it a �Monster-Techno-Tune�. Derrick May played this track in all his sets for more than a year.

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