Catalog #COSMO 001
ReleaseWeek 17 - 2013
FormatVinyl - EU10''
€ 7,99incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Desire Will Bring You Sorrow
  2. No Name Street
  3. Nightrider
  4. With The Wild Beasts


Debut 4-track E.P. by COSMO V. BIG TIP!Utrecht-based sound artist Cosmo V steps up with her EP and first proper physical release ‘No Name Street’. While still in the infancy of her recording career, she emerges with a fully-fledged vision, with four tracks of warm fuzzy simplicity. Inspired by bands and artists like Nirvana, Mazzy Star, Nico and PJ Harvey, as much as the blazing verse of poets like Charles Bukowski and Jim Carroll, Cosmo V holds the purity of the song in higher regard than pristine production values.

No Name Street collects four tracks of her unique lo-fi pop, mixing drum loops, live percussion and cheap microphones, into immersive stories that touch the soul. Springy bass lines weave their way through Cosmo’s sonic jungle, providing the foundation for her dreamy vocals to float over the top. Originally studying cultural heritage and graduating as a restorator, Cosmo found herself drawn to computers and found producing her own songs a much better expression of her artistic endeavors.

Cosmo’s Moluccan heritage gives her a different twist on today’s hazy ethereal pop perspective. Her blues runs deeper than simply the aftermath of a first romance, or deciding which bar to go to on a Friday night. Landmarks of American war-era literature, such as Carson McCullers’ The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, are re-imagined into the modern world, splintered through a prism of Jesus and The Mary Chain, the Stone Roses, The Cranes, and Lykke Li, all drenched in reverb and tape saturation.

One look through Cosmo’s Tumblr page, and it’s clear there’s a strong logic at work. Spacemen 3 rub shoulders with Cristiane F, and her obsession with fuzz is almost as single-minded as her love of sun-bleached 80s punk. As a child of the internet generation, her various online outlets are more than just a chance to express her artistic side. It’s given her the courage to build herself an audience, while not compromising her identity. While she enjoys a certain anonymity, cutting her face from the EP cover that she designed herself, the vision behind No Name Street is stronger for it. No Name Street is by the people, for the people, a wide-eyed harbinger of inner city love and all its consequences.