Catalog #DCM 007
ReleaseW 47 - 2018
FormatVinyl - EULP
€ 24,99incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. I Love Her
  2. Magic Key
  3. Behind The Soul
  4. Vasiona Desire
  5. Tokyo
  6. Love To Me
  7. Daydream
  8. Danger Lover
  9. Happy Together
  10. Future


Unknown Yugoslavian vocoder based 80s electronic influenced by italo-disco and experimental synth-pop.With mission to promote overlooked music from the former Yugoslavia, Discom presents you another archival gem:  Consequential-MicroComposed 1980-86 LP, a collection of 10 previously unreleased tracks made by two Yugoslavian electronic music pioneers  Zoran Jevtic  (DATA, Šizike, Master Scratch Band, Digitron) and Nikolaj Bežek (the founder one of Yugoslavia's first purely electronic music studio). Thanks to its essential and, for local conditions very rare gear like Roland MC-4B analog sequencers, Roland System 100M modular synth, SVC-350 and VP-330 vocoders,  Jevtic and Bezek with their group Consequential were able to create music that they truly liked:  a combination of catchy vocoder-based, experimental 80s electronic, with a strong influence of Italo disco and synthpop! Consequential began their musical journey in a pretty interesting way. Like in a legend, Jevtic and Bezek meet at Roland's stand at the very first electronic instruments fair, held in Belgrade in the early 80's.  Bezek bought the vast number of equipment and assembled a studio where Belgrade's electronic music pioneers DATA, Šizike, Master Scratch Band and Max&Intro made their first recordings.  Jevtic and Bezek started to make music together making a bass line for Šizike's biggest hit: Don't Stop! Their love of analog synths like led them to gradually compose a number of songs after, reflecting their interest in the music and artists that influenced them most: Kraftwerk, Yello, Depeche Mode, YMO,  Logic System, Landscape,  Torch Song,  Giorgio Moroder,  Miko Mission,  Ken Laszlo, Silver Pozzoli etc ... Thus, Consequential-MicroComposed 1980-86 LP is a selection of their best work. From experimental synth-pop on Behind The Soul and Tokyo to catchy vocoder groove on I Love Her, Magic Key and Vasiona Desire songs, A side resonates with analog synths and gears: SC Pro-One, Drumtraks,  Roland  Juno 60,  SH-101, TR-707, TR-808, SVC-350, VP-330,  Korg Mono Poly, Polysix & MS10  and very rare RFS Kobol,  Simmons Drum module, Roland System 100 M and MC-4B. Consequently, B side rings with Italo disco atmosphere and vintage sounds revealing their artistic sign in composing dance-oriented songs: quality analog rhythm production in combination with memorable, sentimental themes showing that dance music can carry further sensitivity besides mere fun. Although Consequential's music relies heavily on an arsenal of vintage synths and its 80s production, it still sounds impressively fresh today. It will immediately resonate with the community of diggers, aficionados, and DJs since it is so very rare to come across an unknown music from the past, that happens to be so danceable. Fully remastered, with exceptional artwork (also executed by the artists themselves), this record stands out as an act of bravery, an incredible achievement of a restoration of the forgotten 80s soundscape to which we can dance, laugh, yearn and dream.

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