Catalog #BM 1908
ReleaseW 24 - 2020
FormatVinyl - EULP
 € 30,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Gwadloup
  2. Mazunga
  3. Memoires
  4. Natibel
  5. Inyanga
  6. Atacama
  7. Metamorphoses
  8. Arawak e karayib
  9. Armelance


Memoires by Beliz already came in a few weeks ago, but it was on such heavy rotation at the store it would be unfair to not let you know about this great record, especially since it turned out to be somewhat of a grower.

Hailing from the beautiful island of Guadeloupe (or archipelago, to be exact), it is centered around the sounds of percussionist extraordinaire Olivier Maurières, Edmony Krater, former member of Gwakasonné and much loved around here for his albums ‘Tijan Pou Velo’ (with Zepiss) and ‘An Ka Sonjé’ and the serene and compelling harp sounds of Anne Bacqueyrisse. 

Recorded over ten years ago, It’s an unlikely meeting of the minds that sounds both completely natural and fresh.

Opener ‘Gwadloup’ (a largely acoustic version of an earlier Edmony Krater et Zepiss track) has become something of a store mantra over the last weeks. A trance-like modern gwo ka composition that is seized halfway by Bacqueyrisse, slowly building her harp patterns from a gentle breeze to a sweeping tropical whirlwind. A recipe that is repeated on uptempo tracks ‘Mazunga’ and ‘Natibel’. 

The title track ‘Memoires’ is another favorite here - a timelessly melancholic and slowly swirling folk song evoking ancient memories. It has a serene and uplifting vibe similar to that on the exceptional ‘Metamorphoses’, that is highlighted by Bacqueyrisse’s beautifully transcendental melodic patterns.

‘Arawak E Karayib’ is a tribute to the native West-Indian people that has Krater reciting his poetry to a powerful grounation-style rhythm to great effect before getting into a meditative state with closing tracks ‘Armelance’ and ‘Nou La’, concluding an album of pure bliss - a perfect companion for advanced mind travelling (RO).

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