Catalog #APR 030
ReleaseW 10 - 2011
FormatVinyl - EULP
Exclusive, Benelux exclusive, Import
 € 12,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Eternia
  2. Phantom Power
  3. Dusty Lungz
  4. Atombreakin
  5. Lumberjack
  6. Neighborhood Watch
  7. Skullcrack
  8. Circuit Breakin
  9. Clocked Out
  10. Dubwreck
  11. Price is Righteous
  12. Life Force
  13. Three Way Mirrors
  14. Renegade Slap (feat. Devonwho)
  15. Abstract


L.A.'s Dibiase (Fat City / All City) throws down his Alpha Pup debut.. a long player or beats and thump.Alpha Pup Records is proud to announce the release of Machines Hate Me, the debut LP by Dibiase (pronounced Dee-Bee-Ah-See). The album is an aural amusement ride through the world of Dibiase, a diabolical stew of boom-bap cracks, 8-bit fantasies, and half remembered soul chops. The music swims effortlessly through Dibiase's storied past, referencing anything from the boundless experimentation of the Sketchbook after-hour beat swaps, the low-end madness of a certain Wednesday night hot-spot of which he claims home field advantage, and back up through to his musical headwaters, the legendary South Central L.A. hip-hop open mic, Project Blowed. The album's sound is as much of a reflection of Dibiase's involvement in these storied L.A. scenes, as it is of his personal history. Growing up in Watts, the South Los Angeles neighborhood notorious for its race riots and inner city strife, Dibiase turned away from his gang-infested surroundings and resigned to his garage, where he found solace in video games. This dichotomy of urban decay and pixelated fantasy is obvious in Dibiase's sound. Machines Hate Me reimagines the heavy handed swagger of early '90s G-Funk in a mind swooned by the lo-fi eccentricities of early-era Nintendo. ItÕs not hard to picture the transition from the teenage Dibiase, holed up in a his Watts garage amidst a tangle of controllers and stacks of Zelda cartridges, to his current beat lab of 404s and MPCs, a dark layer where the mad scientist churns out his left field productions. Machines Hate Me is an unbridled statement for the future of L.A. sound. Scatterbrained beats, fuzzed-out synths and unforgiving bass, the album trumps the already steep level of anticipation for this release. The album serves as a bold statement for the personal and musical journey that Dibiase has made, a journey that judging by the creative prowess displayed on Machines Hate Me, has only just begun.

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