Losing Places by THE LEAF LIBRARY

TitleLosing Places
Catalog #0OHTHATS 02
ReleaseW 37 - 2008
FormatVinyl - EU10''
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  1. Losing Places
  2. Losing Places (ISAN Remix)


Part 2 in this limited 10" vinyl series  - next up to bat is The Leaf Library with a thought provoking song about what we do with our time while we are 'here', backed with an incredibly lush remix from Isan (Morr Music/Static Caravan) and all packaged in a fine screen printed sleeve...The Leaf Library started out in Reading in 2004 after the demise of guitarist Matt Ashton’s previous band, Peel-favourites Saloon. After a move to London, he and vocalist/keyboardist Kate Gibson were joined by bass player Jona and guitarist Ben Smith. Progressing from rough minidisc recordings to an old second-hand four track and with influences that include buildings, stationery and the weather, the band created minimal, melodic songs with a sound that sits comfortably between Stereolab’s two chord drone rock and the stripped-down groove of *insert band of choice* Written from the bassline up, ‘Losing Places’, started out as a raw demo with simple guitars, keyboard and the heartbeat of a borrowed Dr Rhythm drum machine. One again, the Hooter began to twitch… Two versions later and here we are. The band call it "An ambivalent hymn to the romance and dislocation of Marc Auge's 'non-places', networks of shiney spaces where movement is the only option and the odd thought that stopping there forever might make you completely disappear." A track in two parts, the first section skips along under Kate’s gentle vocals before serpentine guitars weave their way into the mix. As the bass and keyboards take over in the second part the track disappears off down the autobahn, buzzing and droning, fading just as the guitars start to get serious and re-assert themselves again. The track also features the percussive talents of The Naciente Quartet’s Rob Smoughton AKA Grovesnor (Greco Roman), recorded shortly before his departure to pursue other projects. Remixers Isan, were the first choice of both the band and the Hooter – each being long time fans of their previous remixes (Seefeel, múm, Depeche Mode, Static, Solvent, Blamstrain, The Notwist) and original compositions on Morr Music + Static Caravan. The final result exceeded any of their expectations… stunning. The Leaf Library in their current incarnation are Matt Ashton (guitar and vocals), Kate Gibson (vocals and keyboards), Jona (bass), Ben Smith (guitar) and Claire Boutsiavaras (drums). They are playing regularly in the UK and have plans to release further singles and full length album on Hi Beat records in the next year, or so… https://soundcloud.com/the-leaf-library  

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