ArtistO.K. JAZZ
Catalog #PI 03
ReleaseW 04 - 2017
FormatVinyl - EU2LP
 € 34,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Tscha-Tscha-Del Zombo
  2. Mousica Tellama
  3. Es Mi Cumpleanos
  4. Cuidado Cona Mallo
  5. Mbongo Na Ngai Judas
  6. Maladi Ya Bolingo
  7. Cuando Paradi
  8. Naci Para Bailar
  9. Tika Kobebisa Tango Na Ngai
  10. Corre Yo Te Llamo
  11. Nesayi Ya Bala Ba OK
  12. Yaka Na Koki Te
  13. Ndima Ngai
  14. Yimbi
  15. Olongi Na Yo Mama
  16. Caro Simon Mabanzo
  17. Na Kobala Mimi
  18. Mwana Meno Wele
  19. Mobembo Ya Franco Na Wele
  20. Christine Yo Nde Boye
  21. Bobina Na Esengo
  22. Masumbuku
  23. Nziele Kuani Kue Mama
  24. Sois Sage Amour
  25. Ndokoyo
  26. Calypso De Nostro Amor
  27. Calypso Du Daring
  28. La Muyer
  29. Escucha Mia Demanda
  30. Mina Kio
  31. Bana OK Jazz
  32. Timing Hole


After the two earlier releases on Planet Ilunga, focusing on the orchestras African Jazz and Rock-a-Mambo, it makes perfect sense that a third album should explore the treasures of that other major school of popular Congolese music. Check!With this new compilation Planet Ilunga goes back to the very early days of O.K. Jazz, founded in 1956 in L�opoldville and disbanded in 1993. During the late fifties O.K. Jazz was the home of outstanding musicians such as Franco, Vicky, De La Lune, Edo Nganga, Dessoin, Kouka Celestin, Isaac, Brazzos, Mujos and many others. Together they created an unique and hair-raising take on rumba, cha-cha-cha, calypso, merengue and the band's favourite rhythm: the bolero From June 1956 to August 1961 the band recorded 320 tracks for the 78 rpm music label Loningisa. Despite earlier efforts from labels such as Crammed Disc, RetroAfric and African (thank you!), there is still a large part of the Loningisa back catalogue that remains hidden from the public. That's why Planet Ilunga associated with Yves Luambo Emongo (son of Franco) and Julien Rocky Longomba (son of Vicky) and compiled 32 O.K. Jazz songs that were recorded between 1956 and 1961. All songs on this compilation were originally released on 78 rpm records on the Loningisa label and most of the selected tracks were never reproduced after their original release. I tried to construct a tracklist consisting of different composers and different genres to show the diversity of this great band. Planet Ilunga collaborated for this release with a few 78 rpm collectors. I would once again like to thank them for sharing their rare records. * 2LP vinyl: 32 tracks (total running time: 93:25): tracklist * Comes with a 40-page booklet (in English) with lyrics in Lingala, lots of pictures and a closer look to this terrific band * Full artwork gatefold album cover by Miadana Aur�lia * 180 gram vinyl * Restored and remastered tracks * Limited and numbered to 500 copies

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