Catalog #CITI 004
ReleaseW 21 - 2011
FormatVinyl - USEP
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  1. Lonely Streets - Prince Language's Fantasy Mix (sample)
  2. Lonely Streets - Chris Carter Mix (sample)
  3. Lonely Streets - Complexxion Version (sample)
  4. Lonely Streets - Tom Furse Mix (sample)


An old sound given a a new direction entirely - Futurisk�s classic �Lonely Streets� get modern re-shake, through a remix package from current artists � to be released on Minimal Waves sublabel reserved for new music and old favorites - Featuring a Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle) Remix!!! TIP!Futurisk, an electro-punk group made legendary by their anarchistic records and explosive live shows, mysteriously disappeared from a thriving scene in 1984. With an electric and dynamically layered sound (created with pre-midi instrumentation), the South Florida group left an indelible mark in the crates of disco and minimalist collectors dotted around corners of the world, including LCD Soundsystem�s James Murphy (who gave a complimentary wink to Futurisk in 2003 by using �Push Me Pull You (Pt. 2)� on the delightful Colette # 5 DFA Comp CD). Minimal Wave�s own history with Futurisk runs a few years back, starting first by including an unreleased 1982 version of the track �Meteoright� on the label�s �Found Tapes� vinyl LP in 2007. Subsequently, Minimal Wave released the retrospective full-length vinyl �Player Piano� LP to celebrate the band�s 30th anniversary last year, culling material recorded between the years 1980 to 1982, with all of the tracks on their two 7-inch releases mixed in with rare studio recordings and early 4-track tapes. The Futurisk �Lonely Streets Remixes� includes remixes by four of the band�s biggest fans, each of whom have a sound as iconic as the band themselves: Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle, Chris & Cosey), Tom Furse (The Horrors), Prince Language (DFA, Editions Disco) and Complexxion from the UK. �For the remixes, we wanted to make sure that they werent �modernized� or �techno� versions of the tracks, but remixes with the same analogue and dance/rock sensibilities of the time when the original tracks were created, utilizing those very same stem tracks. I believe we have accomplished this with the forthcoming �Lonely Streets� Remix 12inch vinyl. The first remix 12inch will be dedicated to the track �Lonely Streets,� with a remix by synth legend Chris Carter, whose version is one that I would have dreamed of doing back in 1982, had we the time and funds and equipment. Prince Language�s version captures the feel of the song beautifully with the utilization of all the stems, especially the real drum tracks that were part of Futurisk�s signature sound, stirring up the No Wave styles that also influenced us at the time. It was also a pleasure to hear Tom Furse�s Moroder-esque electropunk take, sounding like a missing track from a late 1970′s sci-fi flick and finally Complexxion�s track with the feel and approach of Arthur Baker, Martin Rushent, Daniel Miller and Kraftwerk of course, all of which were big influences on the members of Futurisk.� - Jeremy Kolosine (founding member of Futurisk)

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