Catalog #LM 06
ReleaseW 18 - 2021
FormatVinyl - UKDO12''
 € 24,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. madam 6 - nuron
  2. in motion - nuron
  3. contrapoint - fugue
  4. interlagos - fugue
  5. eau rouge - nuron
  6. slipstream - nuron
  7. mirage - nuron
  8. minutes - nuron


Rush Hour Store Record of the week W18:

The start the 90’s was considered by many as one of the most fertile years of electronic dance music. Especially in the UK. Autechre, Aphex Twin, Mark Pritchard and various other legends pathed the way for a new and complex cosmic sound that could either enchant dancefloors or enrich the living room. Grasped by the zeitgeist, UK was breathing and exploring the genre ‘braindance’, taking it to otherworldly realms.

One unsung hero who delved into this zeitgeist and understood its potential was Nurmad Jusat aka Nuron. Through the label Likemind, Nuron has been channeling A++ braindance into the world since 1993. Many heads considered his output as legendary, and as such; Likemind records have always been a treasure that has been guarded by a pricey dragon. That’s why we’re so happy that Likemind has decided to repress Nuron’s output on a luxury double pack. Emerge yourself into ‘Madam 6’, Bathe in ‘Eau Rouge, and look at the ‘Mirage’ of yourself. This is just an absolute gem that must be heard by all. Enjoy! (Ocke)


A true unsung hero of mid 90's techno, Nurmad Jusat aka Nuron helped cement the UK sound that became synonymous with labels like Likemind, B12 and A.R.T With his original releases long out of print and selling for serious money on Discogs, Likemind finally gives fans what they've asking for for so long. 8 of his most sought after tracks, remastered and repackaged in the form of a 2 x 12" compilation. For a truly breathtaking snapshot of 90's UK electronica, look no further.

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