Catalog #MRBLP 139 / P85005
ReleaseW 45 - 2016
FormatVinyl - UKLP
EAN Barcode7119691245317
Benelux exclusive, Import
 € 21,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Ritual Negro
  2. Agua Viva
  3. Um So
  4. Sem Sombra
  5. Savana
  6. Savana
  7. Quem Sou Eu?
  8. Flor De Lotus
  9. Dentro Da Selva
  10. Desengano Da Vista
  11. Dual
  12. Arabindu


A wicked afro psychedelic album. A joy to listen to from the beginning to the end! Highly recommended! tip!!

Pedro dos Santos, born in Rio in 1919, was a percussionist virtuoso, composer and inventor of instruments that apparently included oddities such as the Tamba (electrified bamboo drum) and the mouth berimbau whistle. Nicknamed Perdo Sorongo after the rhythm he invented, that features throughout Krishnanda. A highly spiritual man who was regarded as a philosopher by many.

He worked with greats including Baden Powell, Elis Regina, Maria Bethany, Elza Soares, Sebastian Tapajïos, Roberto Ribeiro, Milton Nascimento, Clara Nunes, Paul Simon and Arthur Verocai, playing on his legendary self-titled LP. In the same vein as Verocai and his self-titled LP, Krishnanda was Pedro�s chance to shine with his own, and only, solo recording.

Krishnanda was produced by Hïlcio Milito, the drummer of Tamba Trio, and arranged by conductor Joppa Lins, and originally released in 1968 on CBS (Brasil). Musically, the album touches folk, samba, afro-brazilian and psychedelia plus added effects, with a lyrical depth and diversity to match; themes including morality, perception, existence and ego.

Despite the genius of the record and the influence that it had on musicians at the time of release, it disappeared into obscurity.

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