TitleKL 2036 EP
Catalog #MCDE 1212
ReleaseW 26 - 2014
FormatVinyl - EU12"
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  1. Psyche-Delia
  2. Whistle for Frankie


Deep, layered, soulful and musical tracks from Laurent Garnier. 2 quality offerings that fit MCDE to a tee..TIP!the label say" We are very pleased with our latest addition to MCDE Recordings, none other than french legend Laurent Garnier. In 2014, he begins a new chapter in his career with a brand new series of releases: The Garnier Project. The cardinal rules behind theses releases being Laurent's constant to reinvent himself, to takes risks, to feed on the extraordinary energy on the current underground scene and his endless quest for new sounds and styles. It might come as a surprise to some to see him on our label, but his approach to Djing as well as producing pretty much sums up what we believe in: Anything goes. Laurent is just as likely to play a Disco track or even a forgotten Reggae jam at peak time as he is to drop the latest techno jam or a classic chicago house track. His sets and productions have always been surprising and captivating, never stopping to add a fresh and exciting edge to contemporary electronic music. We share a mutual love for jazz music, and his live performances with various jazz musicians are yet another proof that he is always keen to experiment with new sounds and keep things fresh. Its very much in this spirit what his latest 12" on our label has in store. "Psyche-Delia", a homage to his wife Delia, was inspired by his deep love for ethiopian jazz. And indeed, it sounds like a modern take on something like Mulatu Astatke. With a baseline that reminisces afrobeat, flutes and live rhodes it feels almost like a live jam session and defiantly way beyond what we would usually associate with the term "house music". The flipside, by no means a regular b-side and hence entitled "side one", sees Garnier go into even deeper territory with the low-key, bass-heavy and trippy track "Whistle for Frankie". In a way, it feels like a modern take on classic Garnier values - a very detailed production, hypnotic sounds that just draw you in from the start and most of all a unique sound that just no other person could have pulled off. "

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