Catalog #RWINA 022
ReleaseW 28 - 2013
FormatVinyl - UK10'
 € 11,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Blue Flutebrid
  2. Owlowowlo
  3. Poek
  4. The Clumtwins
  5. Kreem Kund


Following the success of his Faaveelaa EP in 2012, which received support from the likes of The Gaslamp Killer and Mark Pritchard, young Dutch producer Jameszoo returns to Rwina with the Jheronimus EP. Check!Once more he delivers a selection of productions that seem custom made to squeegee your third eye. The inspiration for Jheronimus is hinted at in the title: the work of Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch (born Jheronimus FYI), a man known for his fantastical paintings the influence of which have lasted across the centuries. The music Jameszoo paints on Jheronimus is equally fantastical, while also managing to be so awkward and out there it�s irresistible. Opener �Blue Flutebird� is a short intro that combines singing and uplifting keys, enticing the listener into this fantastical world. �Owlowowlo� starts off on a lullaby tip, all soft and gentle before the producer flips the mood on its head and drops you into his trademark neck-snapping groove, sparse drums colliding across distorted guitar stabs as piano hits and more fly around the spectrum. �Poek� balances more gentle guitar melodies and a warm bass against a steady beat that never strays, giving the listener a rest before �The Clumtwins� revisits the sort of percussive work that has made Jameszoo�s work to date so deliriously attractive. Effected vox, hard drums and a panoply of sounds are all deployed and swung out as far as is pleasant, resulting in broken funk of the highest order. The EP closes with �Kreem Kund�, a fuzzy gentler piece that shows the producer further experimenting with the core stylistic ideas that appear throughout Jheronimus. In the same way his voice started it off, it closes the trip into this fantastic land. Jheronimus continues Jameszoo�s experimental work, fitting somewhere between broken hip hop, electronics and folk � a trip for the headphone listen that still has some, albeit strange, dancefloor potential. By further giving the young producer a platform from which to deliver his musical curveballs to the world Rwina is doing everyone a great service. Simply lay back and take a trip.

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