HUGH MASEKELA PRESENT THE CHISA YEARS: 1965-1975 (Rare And Unreleased) by V/A

TitleHUGH MASEKELA PRESENT THE CHISA YEARS: 1965-1975 (Rare And Unreleased)
Catalog #BBELP 069
ReleaseW 21 - 2018
FormatVinyl - UK2LP
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  1. Ojah with Hugh Masekela - Afro Beat Blues
  2. Letta Mbulu - Mahlalela
  3. TBaranta feat. Miatta Fahinbulleh - Amo Sakesa
  4. Letta Mbulu - U Se Mcani
  5. Baranta with Miatta Fahinbulleh - Tepo
  6. The Zulus - Za Labalaba
  7. The Zulus - Aredze
  8. Baranta with Miatta Fahinbulleh - Witch Doctor
  9. The Zulus - Joala
  10. Baranta with Miatta Fahinbulleh - Ahvuomo
  11. Letta Mbulu - Melodi (Sounds of Home)
  12. Baranta fet. Miatta Fahinbulleh - A Cheeka Laka Laka
  13. Johannesburg Street Band - Awe Mfana
  14. Letta Mbulu - Macongo


2018 repress! Retrospective of this Californian label Chisa (owned by Hugh Masekela and from the early 70s on distributed by Motown). Tip!Here a variety of classic Hugh Masekela & Stewart levine productions for musicians like Letta Mbulu, Ojah, The Zulus, Miatta Fahinbulleh, Johannesburg Street Band. Contributing muscicians on some of the tracks come from: Hugh Masekela himself, wayne Henderson, Joe Sample, Francisco Aguabella, Arthur Adams etc.

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