Catalog #TSR 061
ReleaseW 25 - 2013
FormatVinyl - EU12''
 € 8,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Heartbeats
  2. Another Light


Tigersushi surprise us and drop a new 12" from label boss, Joakim... 2 Gloriously Produced Tracks, As Usual...!Almost 2 years have passed since Joakim released Nothing Gold. Not that he's been lazy. Those 2 years have probably been the busiest for the tall Musician/producer/DJ/label manager who produced numerous bands in his Fountain Studio in Paris (Zombie Zombie, Montevideo, Alba Lua, Acid Washed and more...). Joakim also did a few remixes (Aeroplane, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Lescop, Arsenal, Renaissance Man...) ans recorded a collaboration EP with Kindness that was the debut release on his new label Crowdspacer (www.crowdspacer.com). Not to mention the constant touring, running Tigersushi records and a move from Paris to New York city! Since Joakim has 4 hands, he also managed to start recording some material for a new album between 2 recording sessions and just before he had to move his studio out, he finished those 2 tracks : the slow, claustrophobic but hopeful � Heartbeats � and � Another Light � which brings that subtle typical melancholy to the clubs. Now Joakim is setting up a mini home studio in his flat in NYC, somehow going back to his roots when he started making music at his parents house with a cheap keyboard more than 10 years ago. Usually in the music business, artists release a first single once the album is finished and start a promo campaign from there. But Joakim doesn't really understand the music business (don't tell anyone!), so he decided to release those 2 tracks without having any more finished material for his upcoming album nor an idea of what it will be like. In those times when everything is instant, he'd rather release new material leading to an album while the tracks are finished. Just like a work in progress you will witness an album taking shape before your ears. This is a way to bypass the traditional rhythm of an album launch when everything needs to be done and ready months before the actual release, which usually results in the author being already bored and working on something else when the music comes out.

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