Catalog #KS 036 10
ReleaseW 11 - 2012
FormatVinyl - EU10''
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  1. A Dead Sun
  2. Brudrim
  3. Emper Hyacinths
  4. Slaves Mass


4 track E.P. from the Dutch producer Jameszoo. A perfect blend between spiritual sounds and modern experimental beatmaking! TIP!Jameszoo is a 20 year old Dutch producer named Mitchel van Dinther. A rather peculiar youngster with a unexplainable love for the flora and fauna. Mitchel spent much of his early life in in the local zoo and his forests, armed with a pair of binoculars, searching for rare species. His parents noticed this special interest for mother nature and furnished him with his very own parrot, that goes by the name of Roberto. While playing Roberto music drenched in bird sound, Mitchel, felt inspiration from combination of nature & music, and started to make compositions of his own. Some years passed and Jameszoo was born. Over the past 2 years, Jameszoo, has been steadily walking his music path, taking in all the good things that have come his way and has developed an especially strong passion for Brazilian records. His fascination for this fruitful countries eclectic output, ultimately led to the decision of creating an ode to Brazilian music in the form of a full album. This 10� called ��Guanyin Psittacines�� serves as an introduction to that album. It contains 4 instrumentals of which the inspiration was drawn from the like of Hermeto Pascaol, documentaries on nature and his parrot Roberto. The recordings float somewhere in the realm between spiritual Jazz and modern Electronic music. Special additions to this E.P. come from the 2 pianists Wiboud Burkens and Gideon van Gelder, both known for their releases on Kindred Spirits. Guanyin Psittacines kicks off with �Dead Sun�. More than four minutes of percussion, Parrots, Wurlitzer and a lot of sounds that still remain undefined. The tune starts of with percussion and keys and slowly changes into an Electronic Jazzfusion recording until reaching a Bassed out climax at the end. Up next is �Brudrim�. Four and a half minute of Rhodes infused Beat punk including a tape-delay Rhodes solo by Wiboud Burkens somewhere halfway through the composition. One can definitely recognize some Beefheart influences on this track. The flip kicks off with �Emper Hyacinths�. The Brazilian fusion influences are instantly noticeable. An uptempo song with drums, shakers, keys and organic sound design. The last song on the ep is �Slaves Mass�. An ode to his hero ��Hermeto Pascoal��. Beatmusic with elements of Gamelan, Pigs, Parrots and heavy drums. Starting with a instrumental mash and ending with some spiritual singing and steel sounds. �Guanyin Psittacines� is Jameszoo�s first E.P. and sure to be not the last one. It serves as a perfect introduction of what�s coming up later this year: a full album featuring guest performances by long-time Brazilian heroes such as �Arthur Verocai� and �Carlos Daf�. Experience this perfect mixture between naturalistic sounds and contemporary experimental beat making !

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