Catalog #KSRE 2 LP
ReleaseW 06 - 2007
FormatVinyl - EULP
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1st time reissue of this '70s rare folk jazz classic featuring jazz greats John Scofield, Dave Samuels, Michael Cochrane in their recording debuts.In 1973, at the age of 22, singer-songwriter Gary Marks self-produced his first album, “Gathering.” It is now considered a classic – a totally unique amalgam of folk-rock-jazz that seems to get richer and more powerful through the years. It came out on the prestigious but tiny "JCOA" label, run by Carla Bley. Original copies go for $400-500 on e-bay nowadays, since it has never been reissued. Kindred Spirits found a copy in Jazzanova’s collection and contacted Gary Marks, who is still very much active as a mucisian/writer, to license to album. What makes the album extra special is the fact that the band included guitar legend John Scofield, the renowned jazz pianist Michael Cochrane, and one of the top vibraphonists in the world, David Samuels. At the time, none of them were known to the general public. In fact, “Gathering” was the recording debut for each of them. Gary played guitar and sang live with the band on these tracks. No overdubs were used, and all nine tracks were first takes. About Kindred Spirits Free Spirits Series Free Spirits is the Spiritual Jazz line of kindred Spirits. It brings you sounds that originate from the body, mind, soul and spirit through various musical instruments of the world. The melodies are nurturing, the tones are caring, the harmonies are healing. The sound is spiritual. Spiritual soul and jazz is a celebration of all rhythms of life. It is a wonderful way to perpetuate our positive selves. Free Spirits welcomes you…

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