Catalog #DEEK 002
ReleaseW 48 - 2012
FormatVinyl - EU7''
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  1. Fresh Eyes
  2. Fixx


New project from bullion, Tic and Laura Groves (Blue Roses) under the Nautic guiseNautic is a project born of a meeting of minds, comprising one time samplist-turned-outsider-pop-rock-songwriter Bullion (DEEK in-house producer), Laura Groves, also known for her hazy pop records under the name Blue Roses, and Tic, of Young Turks and more. Bring them together and you have a sound that sands down the rough edges of life’s troubles, creating flanging sea shanties that tumble out of your speakers like autumn leaves falling from the cold trees in slow motion. A side “Fresh Eyes” finds Laura, Tic and Bullion trading call-and-response refrains over a plodding drum machine, twinkling Balearic guitar licks and the romantic sax tones of multi-instrumentalist Slime, questioning whether their visions of love are real, yearning to meet each other in the middle. Turn it over and you’ll find the moody flipside “Fixxx”, where Nautic sound rather like a spaced out, new-age answer to Fleetwood Mac. Equal parts somnambulist pop and psychedelic folk, Nautic are a humble breath of fresh air in a world that feels crowded with noise. Music to reflect to, wash up to and question the universe to. There’s plenty more where this comes from, so keep half an eye and a quarter ear open for the next chapter in the DEEK story.

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