Catalog #WW 026
ReleaseW 23 - 2022
FormatVinyl - EU12''
Benelux exclusive, Import
 € 17,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Unfreeze
  2. Neghisti ft Bahghi
  3. Revlead
  4. Glitchdragon
  5. New Amsterdam ft Bahghi


Freek Mulder, a.k.a. kotokid, is spreading his wings and taking to the skies with his debut release. The first EP of the producer and bass player is symbolically titled ‘Fledge’, as in the young birds’ period just before embarking on their first flight, while developing feathers large enough in order to take off. The listening experience reflects the feeling, is packed with complex compositions, yet full of light sonically and spiritually.

The intricate title is complemented right off the bat with the first track, ‘Unfreeze’, which captures the emotions of opening up again after hiding away from yourself. Recorded in the Flowriders studio with Freek on bass, along with a bunch of analog synths and drum computers, together with Jonathan Szegedi on drums, and Maarten Cima on guitar. Restoring optimism with ‘Revlead’ and ‘Glitchdragon’, inspired by late ‘70s Weather Report feels like a sonic embrace. 2 tracks on the EP feature the soulful vocalist Bahghi Yemane, on the genuinely empowering, emotion-filled ‘Neghisti’ and a thoughtful tribute to the city of arched bridges, ‘New Amsterdam’. Overall, the elements of ‘80s jazz-fusion, modern hip hop, and indie R&B shape this musical piece into a unique experience of its own kind, cleverly blending ponderous melodies and harmonies with solid grooves and sound design, while the bangin’ bassline ties everything together in the most sophisticated and delightful way. Kotokid renders undiscovered environments, with improvisation and composition existing as equals in his music.

The animation on the cover is a design by Portuguese tattoo artist Ricardo Almeida, which depicts a maybug, or a doodlebug, in Dutch often called ‘mulder’. Just like Freek’s last name and a family symbol that he carries around with him on a ring. Perhaps it’s no coincidence maybugs are attracted to light."

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