Catalog #HS148VL
ReleaseW 01 - 2016
FormatVinyl - EU2LP
EAN Barcode3521381536171
 € 21,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Opening
  2. Take Me Back (Feat. Leron Thomas & Tanya Morgan)
  3. All Or Nothing (Feat. Tanya Morgan & Lorine Chia)
  4. Dirty Otter
  5. Give You Up (Feat. Leron Thomas)
  6. Rest of My Life (Feat. Lorine Chia & Tanya Morgan)
  7. Peaceful Life (Feat. Lorine Chia)
  8. Incomplete (Feat. Leron Thomas)
  9. Nowhere
  10. Kiss My Converse (Feat. Tanya Morgan & Leron Thomas)
  11. Epic Poses (Feat. Leron Thomas)
  12. Every Generation
  13. Desintoxication
  14. Dance, Love & Die


'After the Hip Hop After All Tour Guts confirms in an idea more than this in the back of his head to make an album where the proportions 80% samples and programming / live 20% would be reversed' .. ok! Deluxe packaging - double LP gatefold/ with insert and download cardAn album to push further his musical exploration, go to the electro-funk, afro-disco, space jazz. Add choir here, the talkbox there, play a monstrous bassline, a fiery sax solo instruments or let slip only several minutes: Guts did nothing forbidden, opened the doors of the studio, broke the unlocked windows and vents so that no breath or vibration is left out. With the idea that all are welded to be as one, Guts enriched his live band (Florian Pellissier on keyboards, Greg F. guitar, Kenny Ruby on bass, Tibo Brandalise on drums, Leron Thomas, trumpet and vocals) by adding Tanya Morgan and Lorine Chia, and reveal, on April 1st, ETERNAL, this new disc, partly already prowled on stage.

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