Catalog #NUMERO 013LP
ReleaseW 52 - 2008
FormatVinyl - US4LP
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  1. Stormy - The Devastator
  2. Johnny Williams - Breaking Point
  3. Mystiques - Put Out The Fire
  4. Buster Benton - Catch Up With The World
  5. George McGregor and The Bronzettes - Everytime I Wake Up
  6. Sidney Pinchback - Soul Strokes
  7. Pieces Of Piece - Pass It On
  8. George McGregor and The Bronzettes - "Temptation Is Hard To Fight
  9. Mystiques - So Good To Have You Home Again
  10. Buster Benton - Thats The Reason
  11. Johnny Williams - Maggie
  12. Schiller Street Gang - Remind Me
  13. Stormy - I Wont Stop To Cry
  14. Renaldo Domino - Never More
  15. Annette Poindexter and The Pieces Of Piece - Mama
  16. Dynamic Tints and Pieces Of Peace - Rosemarie
  17. Josephine Taylor - Is It Worth A Chance
  18. Kaldirons - You and Me Baby
  19. Perfections - Why Do You Want To Make Me Sad
  20. Dynamic Tints and Pieces Of Peace - Be My Lady
  21. Renaldo Domino - Not Too Cool To Cry
  22. Perfections - Which One I Am
  23. Josephine Taylor - Ive Made Up My Mind
  24. Annette Poindexter and Pieces Of Peace - Wayward Dream
  25. Dynamic Tints - Package Of Love
  26. Kaldirons - To Love Someone (That Dont Love You)
  27. Jimmy Jones - Yesterdays Mistakes
  28. Notations - I Cant Stop
  29. Jo Ann Garrett - Goin Man Huntin
  30. Krystal Generation - Satisfied
  31. Velma Perkins - Yes, My Goodness Yes
  32. Chuck and Mac - The Mack
  33. Harrison and The Majestic Kind - Can You Find Me Love
  34. Renaldo Domino - Let Me Come Within
  35. Harrisson and The Majestic Kind - Tearing Me Up Inside
  36. Krystal Generation - It Is Meant To Be
  37. Notations - I m Still Here
  38. Velma Perkins - I ll Always Love You
  39. Renaldo Domino - I m A Good Man
  40. Chuck and Mac - Powerful Love


Two years after our the landmark double CD set, Numero returns with a deluxe 4LP box set of Eccentric Soul: Twinight’s Lunar Rotation . Check!This definitive version features 14 bonus tracks not available on the CD, updated liner notes, more photos, and a full singles discography.This music hasn’t been unearthed so much as restored to its rightful place in the light of day, and it makes this one of the strongest entries in possibly the very best ongoing soul reissue series out there. - PitchforkOne of the strongest and most consistent catalogs for any R&B label of its era.

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