Catalog #NUMERO 003LP
ReleaseW 38 - 2013
FormatVinyl - US3LPBOXSET
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  1. The Arrows - We Have Love
  2. The Arrows - The Love I See Now
  3. The Arrows - Boogedy Boogedy
  4. The Arrows - Bring Back The One I Love
  5. Johnny Davis - You've Got To Crawl To Me
  6. Sandy Cleveland - My Heart Will Never Lie
  7. Sandy Cleveland - We Love Together
  8. Linda Ballentine - You're A Habit Hard To Break
  9. Linda Ballentine - Glad About That
  10. Altyrone Deno Brown - Sweet Pea
  11. Altyrone Deno Brown - If You Love Me
  12. Chosen Few - Lift This Hurt
  13. Chosen Few - You've Been Unfair
  14. Hassan - Ghetto King
  15. Majestic Arrows - One More Time Around
  16. Majestic Arrows - Love Is All I Need
  17. Majestic Arrows - Doing It For Us
  18. Majestic Arrows - Going To Make A TIme Machine
  19. Majestic Arrows - Ladies & Wonderful Girls
  20. Majestic Arrows - I'll Never Cry For Another Boy
  21. Majestic Arrows - We Love Together
  22. Majestic Arrows - Another Day
  23. Majestic Arrows - The Magic Of Your Love
  24. Majestic Arrows - Going To Make A Time Machine (instrumental)
  25. MASO - Poon Tang Thump
  26. Altyrone Deno Brown - I Will Find You
  27. Altyrone Deno Brown - The Eclipse Of Love
  28. Wind - Don't Let Them Tell You
  29. Wind - People
  30. Majestic Arrows - One More Time Around
  31. Majestic Arrows - Love Is All I Need
  32. Majestic Arrows - If I Had A Little Love
  33. Majestic Arrows - Make Yourself Over
  34. Majestic Arrows - I'll Never Cry For Another Boy
  35. Altyrone Deno Brown - Through I Was A Playboy
  36. Darnell Jones - Come Back Home


A story that could almost be fiction. The house passing as a home, the harem passing as a family, the rising star brutally murdered in his prime, the dream, the con: The end.Arrow Brown inhabited the same southside Chicago landscape as Afro-Noir author Iceberg Slim's ghetto characters, taking inspiration from the same dark sources that shaded Airtight Willie, White Folks, and Blue Howard. Drawn to the underground and fancying himself a rogue entrepreneur, Brown and his Bandit label lived somewhere between money laundering outfit and sex cult. He poured proceeds from his many "daughters" straight jobs into making records by the Arrows, the Majestic Arrows, Johnny Davis, Linda Balentine, Hassan, Chosen Few, Sandy Cleveland, and even his seven-year-old son Altyrone Deno Brown. Putting beauty and genius in front of commercial viability, Arrow laid down lush, sweeping strings to lure the listener into a hipster fantasy world, sharply incongruent with the sometimes-criminal reality of the city that dreamt it. This triple LP reissue features every known song ever recorded by Brown, and includes a 14,000 word paperback novella detailing the twisted and beautiful fantasy world he created around himself.

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