TitleDEMOS (1973-75) VOLUME 2
Catalog #FARO 210LP2
ReleaseW 22 - 2019
FormatVinyl - UKLP
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  1. Duro De Roer
  2. Manha
  3. Tempos Do Parana
  4. Bateria Do Mamao
  5. Quem Tem Medo
  6. Xingo (version 2)
  7. Juntos Mais Uma Vez
  8. Castelo (version 2)


Vinyl part 2/2. Previously unheard Azymuth demo recordings from 1973-75 !

These previously unheard recordings took place between 1973-75 at Bertrami’s home studio in the Laranjeiras district of Rio de Janeiro. At the time of recording, there was nothing in Brazil, less the world that sounded anything like them, so perhaps it’s unsurprising that when Bertrami presented his demos to the record companies he had been working for, he was turned away, and told in effect that the music was ‘wrong’.

One of the demos ‘Manhã’ would be picked up by Som Livre and Azymuth released their seminal debut album in 1975. Throughout the late seventies and eighties, the group released a series of now classic albums for Milestone Records, before taking an indefinite hiatus to pursue their individual careers.

When English producers Joe Davis and Roc Hunter arrived in Brazil in 1994 to record the first Azymuth album in over a decade, Bertrami dug out the demos which had sat virtually untouched for over twenty years. Joe recalls how he was “blown away by the freedom and intensity of the music, as well as the genius of the ideas musically.” Beginning a long and fruitful relationship, ‘Prefacio’ would be the first track Azymuth recorded for Far Out Recordings and was released on the Carnival album (1996).

Along with ‘Manhã’ and ‘Prefacio’, only a handful of these demos were ever professionally recorded and released, making this the first opportunity to hear many of these early Azymuth compositions in their raw, original form.

On every track the frenetic energy in the studio is palpable, giving the recordings a beautifully personal feel and a sense of the phenomenally creative vision Bertrami, Malheiros and Conti were realising at the time. Fifty years on, Azymuth’s earliest recorded music retains an ineffable, futuristic quality, standing amongst their most captivating and moving work.


A1. DURO DE ROER (J.R. Bertrami/A. Malheiros/I. Conti) 4.14

A2. MANHÃ (J.R. Bertrami) 7.04

A3. TEMPOS DO PARANHA (J.R. Bertrami) 7.42


B1. QUEM TEM MEDO (J.R. Bertrami/A. Malheiros/I. Conti) 2.74

B2. XINGO (Version 2) (J.R. Bertrami/A. Malheiros/I. Conti) 4.42

B3. JUNTOS MAIS UMA VEZ (J.R. Bertrami) 4.54

B4. CASTELO (VERSION 2) (J.R. Bertrami/A. Malheiros/I. Conti) 6.03

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