Catalog #PULPA 3
ReleaseW 16 - 2007
FormatVinyl - EU12"
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The Compact & Disperse EP unfolds a big arsenal of beats and rhymes polished with live instruments (drums, cellos, strings) though the result is completely electronic.The Great Architect, featuring Soarse Spoken (Botnica del Jibaro, Miami) on the mic, which also has the collaboration (providing samples) of 'Un Caddie renvers dans lherbe', opens the record that travels back and forth to the past and the future reinventing the way of seeing hip-hop with imagination, clicks, acoustic sounds, scratches and an amazing secuencing. Another great discovery on the record is the american MC Omniscient (Flow Official), who puts the words to The Way It Was, with a flow and lyrics that reclaim a look back at the original attitude in hip-hop on another outstanding track. The A side is completed with Compact & Disperse, an instrumental track where Strand messes with the instruments and Tres composes layers with the turntables to conform an enormous epic trip. The B side is shared by the brothers Don and Roel Funcken (with records for Warp, Skam or Merck under the aliases of Funckarma, Shadow Huntaz, Cane, Quench or Android) with a bunch of deformed, tripped out and obscure beats. They deliver 2 remixes of The Way It Was, first under the guise of Funckarma in a manipulated beats and cut up secuencing orgy. And then as Shadow Huntaz, building a remix that smells like a classic track coming out of a Hells hip-hop club that Non Genetic (one of the three mcs out of Shadow Huntaz) rounds with some contemporary style lyrics that takes us back to the Valley of Shadows again. In between, Frankie Boxcutta provides some classic flavoured power cuts for the remix. Tracklisting: 1) The Great Architect 2). The Way It Was 3) Compact & Disperse 4) The Way It Was. Funckarma Remix 5) The Way It Was. Shadow Huntaz Rmx. Out in september!

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