Catalog #BJR 062
ReleaseW 17 - 2022
FormatVinyl - EULP
EAN Barcode7640159731627
 € 19,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Nico Mauskovic - a big brain
  2. La Perla - guayabo
  3. Meridian Brothers y Grupo Renacimiento - bomba atomica
  4. Graham Mushnik - octopus dance
  5. La Redada - calla boca
  6. Alex Figueira & A.Bechan - moerarie morei atjara version
  7. Coco María - me veo volar
  8. Frente Cumbiero - cumbia del asilo
  9. Romperayo - tout doux bass version
  10. Les Pythons de la Fournaise - el ritmo de chico
  11. Malphino - aji de malphino


Bongo Joe presents “Club Coco”, a summery outernational Latin and afro rooted music compilation  curated by Coco María.

An attempt to give back something to music lovers around the world and  print on an object a piece of the essence of the community that has been gathering around her  weekly radio show at Worldwide FM. 

In many ways, Coco María is like a music detecting sunflower. Just naturally she is turning her ears  into the direction from where happily vibrating music from all around the world is emerging. She is  a DJ and radio host whose musical selection transmits the energy of the Caribbean, Brazil and the  rest of Latin America through records full of samba, jazz, charanga and cumbia, whilst embracing  an internationalist vibe that can also include the most eclectic influences.

This LP gathers some of the i nescapable artists that have been part of Coco María’s shows. The list includes Nico Mauskovic, La Perla, Meridian Brothers y Grupo Renacimiento, Graham Mushnik, La Redada, Alex Figueira, Frente Cumbiero, Les Pythons de la Fournaise, Romperayo, Malphino, Max Weissenfeldt and even Coco María herself. 

In many ways, the tracks of the album showcase how these artists use music to reconcile both their pride in Latin American and Afro culture as well as their interest in being part of the cosmopolitanism of big European cities. Thus, each track adds a particular detail into building a perfect soundtrack for a community that is always travelling back and forwards between both regions, always looking for songs that explore the furthest frontiers of tropical music while staying true to the roots of their genres.

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