Catalog #KOS 010LP
ReleaseW 26 - 2021
FormatVinyl - EULP
EAN Barcode3770014204257
 € 23,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. nego
  2. Aldeïa Do Livramento (feat. Dega)
  3. joana
  4. Fallar Da Vida Alheia
  5. Canto Aberto
  6. Os Ratos
  7. Sala Dos Esplehos
  8. Zoeira
  9. Berimbois


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Wonderful Música Popular Brasileira that mixes diverse acoustic instruments with exquisite guitar playing and the beautiful voice of Évé. Many standout tunes on this LP, beautiful listen from start to finish. Reissued and remastered from the original mastertapes - Tip!! 

Everaldo Marcial aka Évé, born in 1951 and raised in Sao Paulo, fled the Brasilian dictatorship in 1974 to  settle in France. Canto Aberto, originally released on the Free Lance label in 1979, is his one and only  sought-after recording, made before he moved to the US in the early 80s and decided to quit music. Recorded with Parisian musicians, noteworthy fellow expatriate Manduka on one song and the AfricanAmerican saxophonist Bruce Tobe Grant as musical director, the music of Évé will please fans of Egberto Gismonti, Nana Vasconselos, Milton Nascimento, Edu Lobo...


Rush Hour Store Record of the week W26:

‘Canto Aberto’ is the only album Brazilian singer-songwriter Everaldo ‘Évé’ Marcial ever made and it’s a work of rare beauty.

Born and raised in São Paulo in the early fifties Évé fled the Brazilian dictatorship in 1974 and ended up in France, recording ‘Canto Aberto’ with a band consisting of both Parisian musicians and fellow expatriates, including the great Manduka.

Released a year later on the Free Lance imprint the album however failed to make the desired impact, causing Évé to quit music alltogether and move to the US to start yet another new life. You can’t help but wonder what would have happened if he hadn’t made such a radical decision, for Marcial is clearly an exceptionally gifted guitarist and songwriter who’s also blessed with a beautiful voice.

On ‘Canto Aberto’ he navigates between well-constructed MPB, deep samba, jazzy freeform songwriting and folky Brazilian protest-style songs, placing him somewhere in the musical constellation of Egberto Gismonti, Nana Vasconselos, Milton Nascimento and Piry Reis, but with a haunting voice that’s entirely his own. Warm, spirited and beautifully detailed ‘Canto Aberto’ is a grower that will stay with you all summer and beyond. (RO)

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