Catalog #OMSD 001
ReleaseW 39 - 2017
FormatVinyl - EULP
 € 28,99 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. Cantico Brasileiro No 3 (Kamaiura)
  2. Felicidade
  3. Cantico Brasileiro No 6 (Tempora)
  4. Cancao Da Garoa
  5. Lamento Africano/Rictus
  6. A Cidade
  7. Cantico Brasileiro No 1
  8. Relhacos
  9. Trilhas
  10. Melodia De Veludo
  11. Cancao De Barco E De Olvido
  12. O Amor


"Brasileira", recorded at the end of the 80's by singer-songwriter Maria Rita Stumpf, a great Brazilian woman, totally ahead of her time. Private pressed, the album was little understood back then. Today, its very rare copies are worth small fortunes. Listening to the beautiful songs of Maria turned into a privilege for few. But not for long. By mid-year will they will gain new life on vinyl, remastered from the original DAT tape and art work revised by Colletivo.An original copy of the Brasileira LP by Brazilian singer Maria Rita Stumpf has been on top of collectors' and music lovers' wishlist for the past couple of years, since "Cantico Brasileiro No 3 (Kamaiura)" broke out and cast a spell worldwide - from Japan to Brazil, from Norway to South Africa, everybody was flabbergasted after they first heard the song, and each and every time they heard it again. For the lucky ones that could listen to her whole album (recorded with the talent of the instrumental group Uakti and musicians such as Luiz E�a from Tamba Trio and Ricardo Bordini) and got to know other gems such as "Lamento Africano/Rictus" and "A Cidade", it was clear that it is an ouvre that more people should have access to, not only an elite of listeners and connaisseurs. The good news are that the LP will be available again in its entirety in a new, glossy, loud and clear pressing released through Selva Discos, a new label run by Augusto Olivani and Millos Kaiser (the DJ/production duo known as Selvagem) in partnership with JD Twitch's Optimo Music. It's a legit reissue overviewed by Maria Rita Stumpf herself, the music being remastered from the remaining DAT tape of the original release and artwork faithfully updated by Brazilian design studio Colletivo, featuring liner notes by the singer/songwriter.

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