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Catalog #GI 318LP
ReleaseW 13 - 2018
FormatVinyl - EU6LPBOX
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  1. The Lish
  2. We've Got Commodity
  3. With A Professional
  4. The Stand
  5. Air
  6. Machines [Pt. I]
  7. Tunnel Vision
  8. Emancipated
  9. Tape Flip Too
  10. Lil Mufukuz
  11. Intrdctn
  12. Won
  13. No Child Of God
  14. D-town Tabernacle Choir


For the collectors - One/Three, Two/Three and Three/Three plus Instrmntl combined in a box set - 4 albums total !Limited to 500 units worldwide Records are contained in black debossed slipcase box set with silver foil stamped edition number on back Free downloads included Contents: GI-04 Dabrye - One/Three GI-50 Dabrye - Two/Three GI-303 Dabrye - Three/Three GI-24 Dabrye - Instrmntl Tracklist: One/Three A1 The Lish A2 We've Got Commodity A3 With A Professional A4 I'm Missing You A5 How Many Times (With This) B1 Truffle No Shuffle B2 Hyped-Up Plus Tax B3 Smoking The Edge B4 So Scientific B5 Hot Mating Ritual Two/Three C1 The Stand C2 Air C3 Machines [Pt. I] C4 Encoded Flow D1 That's What's Up D2 Tell Dem D3 Nite Eats Day D4 Jorgy D5 Special E1 Bloop E2 Viewer Discretion E3 Piano E4 Pressure E5 Reconsider F1 Get It Together F2 My Life F3 In Water F4 Get Live F5 Machines [Pt. II] F6 Game Over Three/Three G1 Tunnel Vision G2 Emancipated G3 Tape Flip Too G4 Lil Mufukuz G5 Fightscene G6 Electrocutor H1 Stranded H2 The Appetite H3 Pretty H4 Sunset I1 Nova I2 Bubble Up I3 Vert-Horiz I4 Dr. Shroomen J1 Sisfo Ridin’ J2 Culture Shuffle J3 Honey J4 First Law Of Nature Rock Day J5 Tahn Ice Rhythm Instrmntl K1 Intrdctn. K2 Won K3 No Child Of God K4 D-Town Tabernacle Choir K5 You Know The Formula Right? L1 Evelyn L2 This Is Where I Came In L3 Prospects (Marshall Law) L4 Take Me Home L5 Gimme Lowlands

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