Catalog #RRC-009
ReleaseW 19 - 2023
FormatVinyl - EULP
 € 34,50 incl. VAT, excl. shipping


  1. The Missing Link/The Sneaky Link
  2. Where Are You?
  3. More Than Gold (feat Phiik)
  4. Tried Your Best (feat Kelly Moonstone)
  5. Telfar & Karl Kani (feat Kelly Moonstone)
  6. I Miss You (feat Navy Blue)
  7. We Up On This Side (feat Messiah)
  8. We Locked Boo
  9. Forever Love
  10. Popping In The Big Apple
  11. Complex & Pitchfork Opinions


Lord Jah-Monte Ogbon levels up again on new album Beautifully Black, entirely produced
by fellow underground legend Navy Blue.
Navy would be a premier choice for collaboration
for anyone who knows their rap music, but with someone as talented as Jah-Monte on the
mic the results outclass any expectations with ease. Elsesser’s production is smooth and
luxurious, a perfectfit for someone of Jah-Monte’s rapping calibre. The two part ‘The
Missing Link / The Sneaky link’ is exemplary of this style, the MC’ing on top form but also
giving plenty of breathing space for the classically-influenced beat. Not only does Navy
match his energy on each of these 11 tracks, he also creates a kind of cohesion often
missing on full albums from single rapper/producer combos. It’s been a while since the last
time Jah-Monte tapped in with a single artist like this, so to position himself alongside Navy
like this is a move that feels as calculated as it does organic.

‘Tried Your Best’ and ‘Pray For Fame’ feature the very talented Kelly Moonstone, a rapper
well worth mentioning for her contributions here because her chemistry with both Jah-
Monte and Navy results in two of the best tracks on the record. There’s other features here
too (including a standout contribution from Navy himself), but it’s on these tracks that the
album’s strongest suite of songs emerges. The beats here really are beautiful, reminding
us once again that when it comes to artists with incredible and consistent work rates Navy
is right there alongside Jah-Monte himself. In many senses then, this is the perfect album
for the two to release at this point in time. 2021 has well and truly belonged to the scene
that the two inhabit, and as two of its most proficient members they deserve all of the
acclaim that they receive. The fact the last song is titled ‘Complex & Pitchfork Opinions’
should tell listeners everything that they need to know about Jah-Monte’s place in the
game, and the further greatness that is undoubtedly to follow.

Black vinyl edition, limited to 200 copies

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